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The flight from Chicago to Indianapolis can best be described as taking off and landing, because there is only 5-10 minutes of actually being at the flight level.  To the east of the flight path was an incredible thunder and lightning storm.  I will admit that I have not seen a lightning storm in a long time and nothing in the past ten years like the lightning storms I saw growing up in Indiana, and I had the desire to see one while back home.  The storm was incredible and being able to watch it from above was awe-inspiring.  

We made it back and I went to get my bags and was greeted by my mother and sister.  As always, it was nice to see them again.  Having eaten airplane food, while having improved over the years, was not really that filling over the past 24 hours, we stopped at a convenience store.  This was my first foray into reverse culture shock.  This place was brightly lit and excessively white.   With the darkness of the evening and the surrounding storm clouds along with my own sleep deprivation, the convenience store appeared closer to a temple of consumerism.   I felt lost and found deep fascination with all of the refrigerators holding every kind of beverage imaginable.  I decided upon a Diet Arizona Green Tea and a sandwich.  

Scott_Toscano says:
I knew you would go right for the Arizona tea!
Posted on: Aug 14, 2008
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