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But most passes are climbed eventually and this one was no exception. In the morning the mountains had sheed their scary coat and greeted us with fresh, chili air and stunning views of snowcapped peaks on the eastern side. A few villages were signposted far along almost invisible dirt tracks on this side of the pass and farmers ensured that we warmed up well by sharing their steaming tea with us. Inspite of the immense beauty of this area it is not easy cycling; Empty up hill slopes only broken by small passes that needed climbing. Like the day before we only managed about 50 km and as dusk fell my frustration with our slow progress and the seemingly endless plains grew. As the sun began to set we were meet by a village with no bread or meat in it -only dirty fighting dogs and a carpet salesman and yet another pass that had to be climbed before darkness. The wind picked up and was blowing strong and i just broke. This is so far the only time i have pushed my bike and all whilst crying and cursing bikes and hills and mountains and tents. I make grand travel company at times... That night we we spent behind some house ruins on the far side of a soggy riverbed. Inspite of wearing all my night clothes (2 pairs of socks, leggins, trousers, a vest, a t-shirt, a long sleeved cotton shirt, a long sleeved woolen shirt and my fleece in my sleeping bag) that night i froze bitterly and only slept a little. But things change quickly and have not yet managed to remain crap for more that a few hours at the most. In the morning after yet another pass we were greeted by hussain and two crazy spanish drug casualties. The later left quickly but we stayed and drank all Hussains tea and looked at his fossils. Mainly to make up for drinking all his tea and to make up for the strange behavior of the spanish weird men we did something we never thought we'd do, and bought a small fossil. As if we had pushed a secret button something snapped inside Hussain: He wouldn't stop giving us all his fosils, declared his love and showered us with hugs and kisses (Daren too!) and there was no end to the 'in shallah' for us to come and stay. Topped up with love and goodwill and somewhat unfortunately a lot of rocks we cycled on. Hussain waving endlessly. We only managed 4 km before the next currious incident: A caffee. And also the only inhabited building in a village of ruins in an empty valley. Inside the caffee was probably the last stubborn journalist of this empty space gathering material for a newspaper (To whom the paper is remains a mystery). What ever despair Hussain hadn't managed to mend with all his love and rocks this man made sure to mend with gifts of biscuits and drink. Loaded up we again tried to ride on and this time succeded in reaching the edge of the mountains. A vast steep valley opened up. Palm filled and with a town and a large river it was a complete contrast to the barren highlands. On the far side of it even higher mountains towered over us but finally mountains that did not have to be crossed on this trip.
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photo by: mario26