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After the spanish mountains came a looooong strech of flat land. Unfortunately with headwinds so strong that i had to ridein first gear and nearly fell of my bike. I then cried out of frustration. Daren and i thought the best way to solve the problem would be too camp up in a grapefield with two bottles of local wine.But it only made matters worse as we then had trouble working out our tent etc etc etc....So no more two bottles of wine for now. At least not after 97 km days with headwind...

Since then we have crossed into portugal. The landscape is really vast and very mountainous. It has also been very remote in places and weve spent ages cyceling up and down beautifull valleys and mountains. We often stop to eat peaches and snacks, to sunbathe and to take in the scenery (Its a hard life...).The nice thing about the bikes is that we are so exposed to the elements. One day after a shower everything smelt really strong of eucalyptus and al the different green colours seemed even stronger after the rain.

I have and up hill/ down hill account in my head as i try to keep track of what to expect from the days ride.However in Portugal there seems to bee little logic to this imaginary account (There is possibly very little logic to it anyway) as the down hills seem to appear in the most unexpected places. This is obviously fantastic. We had one which must have been between 10 and 15 km long. The road wound down through meadows with lots of oaktrees in them.We could see all the way down too another plain infront of us and behind that the relief of another mountain range. Again the beauty of the area was amazing

And then as we reached the douire valley yesterday my up hill down hill account completely failed me again as i was surprised to find 16 km of nice down hill to the bottom of this douare valley.  We found a perfect campspot in amongst some olive trees at the top of the valley were we had a stunning view. Everywhere grapevines line the mountainsides and as the sun set the mountains turned a blue shade. Slowly little lights dotted the opposite side of the valley. Whilst i watched the night comme down Daren was cooking our first hot meal in about 16 days. Our stove is now finally working after endless more and less dangerous experiments with all sorts of fuel. Petrol seems to do the job now. So i have never had a nicer pasta dish than the one yesterday. Of course with some nice local vine. To top it al up that night we saw a moon eclipse.

But this wildcamping also has its downside.This morning when i woke up i was pretty much stuck to my sleeping mat as tons of suncream,mozziespray dust and the lack of rivers in the high valleys has left us very very skanky...It was disgusting. We have since found a well but i am glad that we are the only ones in this caffee...


azsalsa says:
Ha ha....you are more brave than I could ever be......how many days without a shower??? :-)
Posted on: Feb 19, 2009
Stinasen says:
Sounds nice with more down hill than up hill !?!
Posted on: Aug 25, 2008
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