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16 minutes to write the most important stuff. Very expensive internet caffee:(

We´ve done Lisbon but only stayed 2 nights as that too, was expensive, inspite of staying in the working girls street.... Nice city though. Someone in the Lonely Planet says it´s got a ´villagy´ feel. Ha ha ha! It´s got 4 lane carriageways leading into 5 lane roundabouts. And massive monuments in the roundabouts and along streets. Only the monuments don´t seem quite as large when compared to the streets there supposed to make look prettier... But the old city hasn´t got any large roads to make the monuments seem small so everything is in porportion and very nice.

Since then it´s back to camping on huge beaches. Lush sunsets, nice waves and oh! the occasional naked man in the dunes. Actually not so few, as we accidentally hit the nudist area of the beach. And so it goes on. One day becomes a bit similar to the other.

The bikes appear more like 2 heavy loaded elefants that move forwards very slowly but very surely as well. (Especially when trying to park them or do a steep curve and the backend seems to not follow the front end at all) Daren and i discussed the amout of time spent drifting from thought to thought as we slowly head southwards. We came to the conclusion that it is a very day dreamy life, this riding round the world buisness. It´s luxury really, it becomes very meditative.

That is when the thoughts are healthy! Dark days still happen inspite of travelling. However, part of the beauty about being on the road is the people that you meet and the things that they say. The day i felt mostly like a failed nurse, we meet Mark the missionary who was massively impressed with our project. That was a massive boost. But sometimes people ask why were doing this? Whats the purpose....? There´s lots of thaughts about that for the journey south. Short version is that its not for charity so it´s obviously for us but the longer version has occupied me for quite a few riding ours....

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photo by: Johnpro