Todra and dades gorges

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As said; Inbetween the nothingness there's lush green palmeries. The contrast is stunning! For both the todra and the dades gorge we left our bags in hotelrooms and went on day tourist daytrips! 'Todra gorge We were just playing today! Left bags in hotel and rode 25 km into gorge. A broken road winds up alongside a river and as we came nearer the gorge the rode became more and more muddy. When the cliffs rise 300 meter straight up the river swallows the road completely. Cars have to find their own way through the water but for us there was a small bridge. The mountains close around you and there's just shear cliffs and the river. As the gorge opened up again the road refused to improve but we went on deep into the valley were we had a picnic. Eventually it started raining, how very british indeed!: Sheltering under a somewhat unstable looking overhang we watched the river turn brown and the peaks disappear in cloud. Whether improved and we keept going 'just round the next corner'. Suddenly when the road was at its worst and the mountainpeaks disappeared in heavy cloud again a horselike horn sounded in the fog and like ghosts a whole beetle rally appeared out of the gorge. All crazy colours, crazy stickers and possibly even more crazy people ratteling and squeeking and pushing their way through the gorge. As the rain began to fall we waved to the cars. It was warm enough but still time too turn back. We tackled the dades gorge in much the same way. Stayed in a hotel and went for a daytrip. However this time things were a bit different. Daren insisted on taking the temperamental stove and some very qustionable mutton that we baught the day before from a even more questionable mutton shop. Why? Obviously: So we could have the perfect sandwich with the perfect view. And so it came that we sat on the mountains above the gorge, with perfect panoramic views and a perfect mutton sandwich. Thats what it's like travelling with Daren.  At times very odd but often indeed perfect! Sitting on our mountain we mulled over our tee house experience: On the way up, exhausted we wanted a break. Ever trying to escape mass tourism we chose a tiny strange looking house with two chairs on a terrace. 'Was there any coofee' we enquired. 'no, but we could have a tea' Fine so. Tee was braught and our host joined us for a game of cards he understood nothing of. He didn't want any money for the tea. I suspect we just wandered in and sat on his private terrace. Maybe we're a bit blind and that's why the locals think we're a bit thick... 
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photo by: nathanphil