Riding in Limbo

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Since Merzuga we've been working our way along the big vast spaces of the northern edge of the dessert. Its been a bit tough. My diary reads this:

 'from Tinerhir to Bulmane:

52 km, but in strong headwinds. Just stubbornly working our way along the top of the dessert. Not fertile enough for anything but shrubs. There's only people were the big rivers come out of the Atlas and the rocks give way to lush palmeries. Inbetween there's nothing. So lots of hilly windy nothing today. In the afternoon as the sun came low on the horizon the skye filled with haze. Is it haze? A mixture of dust and cloud and haze maybee. But it takes away the view. We knew we were riding between two mountain ranges but they were now invisible to us. Just shrubs, a slow endless uphill and howling winds. Like a limbo, eternity or endlessness... I could feel my fear of solitude, of the strange whether and the unknown creep in. Just head down and riding onwards. To easy the horrible riding we decided to take turns on the ipod. This didn't help as daren got so frustrated with me singing along that we had an argument instead...' a grand day indeed :) 


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photo by: nathanphil