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Leaving the shuttle.

Well just as i thought it was all said and done, then came kasakhstans revenge for all the moaning and complaining: Our Plane! When the engines were turned on and everything started rattling i wrote in my diary: 

"It's more like an old bus! There's one propeller on each side, the wings look like there gaffa taped on and its minute... We're about 40 people in here and it's full. On the inside it looks like a kasakh hotel room with an ancient filthy carpet and something that looks like wall paper on the walls." Actually there's always something that doesn't work in kasakh hotel rooms: Mostly the door doesn't close or there is no water and sometimes, when there is an aircon it doesn't work. In here the seats rocked and i instinctively felt for the swim wests that are supposedly under the seat. None. Very comforting considering we were flying over the Caspian.

"it's funny, it's funny, it's funny!" I kept telling myself as we prepared for takeoff. "This flight has realistically probably done this a million times before..." i tried to calm myself. Then heavy smoke poured into the cabin and people started pointing and looking concerned. "Is that supposed to be like that??" I half yelled to the stewardess. "It's cold air" she said and gave me us all some sweets that were probably full of valium. 

"Well from now on I'm at open war with western kasakhstan. No more sentimentality. Anyone who has things like this in the air can't be right." i decided.

"It's funny. It just must be funny. If this is ever published it was because it means we landed. If not no ones even ever gonna know I'm at war with western kasakhstan..."

marsgodlee says:
Thats a good one..

Thats also why the passengers always started to clap loudly whenever the plane get LANDED...

Posted on: Dec 16, 2010
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Leaving the shuttle.
Leaving the shuttle.
photo by: AndySD