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Plans, calculations of distances and food supplies have been made and changed and made again only to be rearranged by fate and coincidence at the last minute. But that is how this trip is and we have finally begun our ride through the sahara. Unexpected events seem to happen by the day

At the end of a hard days riding dusk is a saviour for us as we can set up camp and relax. As we don't use campsites we chose remote spots, hidden from passers by behind hills, bushes or anything else that might provide shelter. You are at your most vulnerable when you sleep. This night, in a place just before the dessert begins was no different. On a stony plain amongst bushes we set up camp, cooked food and eventually creept into our tent. But soon there were grunts and snuffels and sniffs. An animal? Maybee a wild bore or a kamel. I don't know what sort of noise any of these make but it soon became clear they could't possibly make the noises our visitor made. Whispers and more grunts and snorts and louder grunts. And forcefull whispering breaking into shouts. Kamels certainly don't shout and Daren creept out to investigate, armed with his knife. Had we really meet peope up to no good? dangerous ones? I have lost my knife and found myself armed with a tentpeg too scarred to stay in the tent alone. What if it snuck past daren from the other side? For ages we spied on the thing or things. Grunts and snuffels and at times shouts. We split and garded the tent from each side of a large bush. I just sat under it with my bent peg not too shure about what good a peg actually was against the thing. Whatever it was it didn't come closer but seemed to have decided to stay about 60 meters from our tent. It didn't appear to know that we were watching it. The moon was almost full but inspite of that the thing remained hidded in the shaddowas. Finally, after what seemed hours of sitting as still as possible listening, the visitor was caught in the lights of a passing car: A man standing alone starring into space. He would inhale deeply from his gluebag, curse, whisper, spit and sniffle like gollum in his cave. For ages he was there. Grunting and cursing along. What to do? In the end we decided we had to move camp. Daren wanted to approach him and i thought we should be nice and offer him a sandwich or so. Just too keep him sweet whilst we packed up. (i don't know anything about gluesniffers also didn't know that they hallucinate and probably are too off their heads to care for a sandwich). Anyhow he now wandered towards us and Daren went out without a sandwich. I watched, redy with my peg; As most moroccans this man was exceptionally polite and streched out his hand in greeting. But, not even gluesniffers expect company on the stony plains and, I presume, unsure of the border between his mind and reality he reatreated his hand and just starred and stumbled.

 We split ways us carrying our tent between us and him falling over cactus into the darkness.... 

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photo by: nathanphil