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On the 1 / 08 / 08 we finally managed to leave tredworth road. Inspite of having forgotten phonechargers, not having said goodbye to everybody and with a credit card due to run out very soon we felt reasonably prepared. Only 3 km later not even out of gloucester Darens bike broke down copmletely (Yea you can all laugh..) Whilst we were desperately waiting for the striking bikes guy to fix it we bumped into our friends and had lunch.... If breakdowns can be good this was definetely a good one....

Less happy breakdowns were my 5 punchers in 3 days, a loose saddle and other starting problems. And then it rained and rained and rained.. So we had a tough start from the UK. But inspite of this t felt good to be on the road again.

One day Daren decided that it was time to talk to somebody about our difficult stove. And then, a couple of hours later we bumped into Peter, a fellow biketraveller who had been on the road for a long time. PeterĀ“-a fountain of knowlledge and cycling genious happened to know all there is to know about stoves and we had experimental fires on a litle wall outside exeter..... It is now almost working. 

Due too all the rain we were very excited about leaving for spain. We were convinced we could put our raincoats in the bin but on arrival it rained even more. All the spanish people looked confused about their wether too.  We had some breakfast under a shelter and bravely joined all the lycraclad colourfull cyclists and rode into the grey day. Luckily It cleared up but lycraclad people have overtaken us continously ever since arriving in spain. I believe we are a strange sight to them as we rarely start our rides till midday heat and stop every 10 minutes for one reason or another. Were not very fit yet and pretend to take a lot of photos.

Since then we have managed to cross Picos de Europas. We started out by riding throuhg a amazing 25 km long gorge. We camped in the gorge right the by the river deva. During the night we sat and watched the river float by when suddenly we noticed loads of litlle pairs of eyes watching us from the other shore. They were very small and very curious. But after a while the creatures got borred and left. Maybee they were squirrels or trolls.... Most likely trolls!

 The pas was at 1609 meters and there was no bar on the top! We had been longing to have a cold beer in the evening breeze.  Instead we cycled straight back down on the other side through some lush high valleys.

azsalsa says:
Loved the remark "were not very fit yet and pretend to take photos".......perfect! :-)
Posted on: Feb 19, 2009
Stinasen says:
Hello beautiful people!
Thank you for both birthday greeting cards!!!
I'm sorry to read about your broken bikes (and smiles a bit) - Lets hope it's just a hard beginning to make you stronger and teach you a few lessons for the rest of the trip.
I will keep an eye on the blog!
Good luck, good wind and lots of love from Stina
Posted on: Aug 25, 2008
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