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A shot on the CU Campus looking towards the Flatirons

Well, I got up pretty early today and took my car to the Mercedes dealer in Littleton. I decided since I needed an oil change, I might as well get it done while in the Mile High City. Everything went well until the service manager told me that I was going to need a new battery. I wasn’t sure that I did because I had just had one replaced a few months ago. I didn’t argue with him, but I politely paid for my service and left, continuing my journey as planned.


I found a Panera Bread store and had me a great little Bagel. I was a nice stop because the girl behind the counter must have thought I was cute or something because as she stumbled over her words to tell me that I didn’t have to pay for it because I had to wait so long.

The business school where I got my degree
Wait long, I was 2nd in line. I smiled at her and she smiled back and then I smiled at her and then she smiled back. This went on until my bagel was toasted and she handed me a cup for my coffee. I was nice to have been smiled at, especially from a young lady who was pretty cute. Oh well, you never know. I thought I would take some time to do a little shopping in this center for a pair of slacks since the airline lost my luggage on my way back from S Africa and the best part, I have lost 16 pds. My clothes are starting to sag and I still look fat. I want some pants that will highlight all that cushion God gave me. I have reviewed the Aspen Grave shopping area which I recommend.


Today was also the day I would get to go back and visit my old College, CU Boulder. Man, how the place had changed. I was last there about 15 years ago and I was kind of lost trying to find all of those places that were once so familiar to me.

My favorite place to sit when I attended CU
It all really came back as I began to explore the campus and all of the new buildings. I graduated from the Business school in 19….. The fact that it starts with 19 tells you how long ago that was. The new building is beautiful with it’s high walls and stone siding.


I went and sat at one of my favorite spots on campus, the pond near old main. The photos, although not too good, really give you the idea of the peace and tranquility I found when I was student on the campus. I walk all over just reflecting on all those old memories and trying to create new ones, as well. I had a great day on campus and that large campus atmosphere was somewhat intoxicating. I knew the time would have to end, so I packed up those memories and headed to downtown Boulder and had a really good time on The Pearl Street Mall.


This walking mall was crowed with busy street performers, children enjoying them, people spending money and the occasional tourist like myself, just walking through trying to create memories.

What a place
It was great. I took a few pictures, but the idea was to kind of blend in not stand out. The Peppercorn shop, a gourmet food and gadget store, has to be my favorite place on the mall. I wonder why! I enjoyed buying some of those hard to find goodies I always seem to crave when I am sitting in the great metropolis of Kilgore, Texas. I enjoyed the day and took the opportunity to drive up Flagstaff Mountain. This winding road to the top of city offers the most spectacular views of Boulder and beyond. This was the place I had my first kiss as a college student in Colorado. Man, it was great. The few photos I took don’t even begin to describe how beautiful this place really is. It was a great drive up, but a storm was approaching so I had to get down off the mountain as quickly as I went up. It was very much worth it.


After my jaunt up and down, I went to meet some friends from my college days.

Looking down on the University from Flagstaff Mountain
Ron and Jean were my surrogate parents while I studied. They were the nicest people. Jean would cook dinners and invite me to church, Ron was always there to lend an ear and their kids would just share my ups and downs. We figured it had been 23 years earlier that we first met. We have always stayed in touch by phone, letters and email. This was one of my favorite reunions since the last time we met about 10 years ago. We laughed about how I have met up with all three kids of theirs somewhere other than Boulder: Dan, in Germany, Tam in Washington State and Barrett in Ohio. 


 It was a fun time just talking about all the gifts and souvenirs I had brought or sent them from my travels all over the world.

Me Jean and Ron
We ate dinner at the hotel restaurant Jean now works at.  It was a good dinner, but nothing beat the reminiscing of our long friendship. I had to leave to meet up with some others that evening, but what a great day I had. 

martinezsmi says:
wow sounds as if this part of the trip was great old friends old love and a cute girl flirting hope your not married or at least don't have a jealous wife =)
Posted on: Aug 12, 2008
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A shot on the CU Campus looking to…
A shot on the CU Campus looking t…
The business school where I got my…
The business school where I got m…
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My favorite place to sit when I a…
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Me Jean and Ron
Me Jean and Ron
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