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How do you blog a drive that was really uneventful? Well, I guess for me, just honestly. So here goes. Thursday, August 7th, Kilgore, Texas: I got up and started my drive to CA. It was pretty cool this morning so I was able to drive most of the way with the sunroof open and the windows rolled down. I enjoyed the cool, but humid, breeze that I felt as I drove 72mph down I-20 towards Dallas. Dallas would be my first stop over the next 7days. I wanted to just drop off my laundry at my favorite dry cleaners and then have another excuse to stop through Dallas again. Although this was a little detour that would cost me about 2 hours, it was well worth it.


The detour was made long with DFW morning rush hour which actually feels more like a slow hours. I made it to hwy 287 and then I felt as if I was free to set the cruise control sit back, relax and enjoy the journey. The weather wasn’t too hot, the skies were clear and the road not too crowded.


I was surprised that I was able to listen to Dallas radio as far as I was out of town. This helped to make the day go by faster. I like to listen to 91.7, a Christian radio station that has some of my favorite speakers aired each day.


The anticipation of meeting up with old friends, former classmates and new friends made the anticipation and excitement more intense. The first person I was going to meet was Ryan. Ryan is the Campus Minister at Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, TX. We were to meet up at a fun little restaurant called Cheddars. I was fine with that because I had been to one before. I have written a review about this one in Wichita Falls, so if you are ever in the area, stop by or check out their website and find one close to you.


We enjoyed a filling meal and then Ryan took me by the Campus Center where he works. I was just blown away at how big and student friendly the place was. We all know that the grass is always greener somewhere else. I was really trying not to be jealous, because I have a very nice facility as well, they are both just different. He gave me the tour and I was pretty impressed. He told me that the University has offered to rebuild them a new facility just down the street in exchange for the land where they are currently located. What a sweet deal. They will most likely finalize the deal in a few weeks.


I really enjoyed my time with Ryan as we were just together in July at a conference at Harding University in AR. It is always good to meet with others in your field to talk about opportunities we have to improve our ministries, ourselves and the life of those we serve. We both walked away feeling like we just might have done that. Our next time to meet will most likely be on September 19th when we take a group of kids from our schools to the Texas Ranger’s baseball game.


Well, I got back on the road to head to my friend Tom’s home in Amarillo, TX. Tom was a classmate of mine from Abilene Christian University. We both graduated from the Graduate School of Bible with our Masters degrees. I went on to teach and minister in E Texas and Tom is a very good lawyer who works in the appellant courts in Amarillo. His wife Shannon and daughter Sydney are some pretty special Christians. I am glad that we have kept in touch, but not nearly enough. I remember that I met Tom one day in our Old Testament class. He prayed and the way he spoke to God, was so personal, yet I felt like he was talking to all of us, inviting us all to share in these request and praises. I knew that he was one of the people I would need to know and would love to share a friendship with. I was so blessed to be able to be in a mentoring group with him and his wife.  We would often just get together, have a meal and share a prayer. I would call Tom even long after we had finished school, and just ask him to pray for me and my family, and without any hesitation, he would. I even remember when I asked him to pray for my brother and his wife in CA, Tom asked for their phone number and called them personally and prayed with them. My brother, to this day, still remembers that and talks about Tom doing that for him.


Well, I got to Tom and Shannon’s beautiful home. I just loved it. It reminded me of a mini castle I once toured in Europe. I was a warm and inviting home. I felt right at home there. We decided we were going to go out and have a meal at one Tom and Shannon’s picks for good eats. The restaurant is called Macaroni Joes. The name doesn’t truly reflect everything about what you will find inside. The restaurant is a part of a group of 4 in the area.  Yes, they have some pasta; no they are not “joes.” This was a pretty classy little restaurant with a very good menu that included pasta, salads, steaks, Chicken and seafood. I opted for the Lemon Butter Shrimp which included spinach, mushrooms, garlic and pine nuts over angel hair pasta. Absolutely delicious. Shannon had the same. Tom was the only carnivore at the table with a Pan-Sautéed Beef Tenderloin. You can read my review attached. It was a pleasant evening of politics, food and wine, church and about 5 years of catch stories.


We got home and talked some more and then we all decided that the time had come to rest our weary bones. A good night’s sleep was on tap and I needed it.

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