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    Today I first went to the Olympic Park.  For $19.50 I bought a ticket to go up the viewing tower and visit the Biodome.  The tower was pretty cool, but the view definitely is better from Mont Royal, and other than just getting up the tower, there isn't much there.  After descending, I crossed over to the Biodome, which is like an interactive zoo where each section recreates an entire environment (for instance, I immediately felt at home as I entered the rainforest section, where heat and humidity are reigning champions).  At first, I was afraid I was wasting my time, but after a few minutes I allowed myself to release my inner child and made faces at fish, giggled at penguins, and gawked at lemurs.  I was able to see animals I had never seen before, and in the end I was very glad to have experienced it.

    From there I took the Metro over to the neighborhood known as The Village.  The Village is the "gay neighborhood" and was overall pretty low-key.  If it weren't for rainbow flags all over the place, I wouldn't have even known.  I have a feeling the time to go to The Village is at night, but as a single female traveler, I don't go anywhere at night without a group of people.

    After a brief rest back at the hostel, I went to the Musee d'art contemporain (the Modern Art Museum) because on Wednesdays 6pm-9pm it's free admission!  Unfortunately MoMA has ruined me for any Modern Art and, as such, I found this exhibit lacking.  I really tried, though, I promise.  There were a few pieces I liked.   There was this chair globe, for lack of a better description.  It consisted of a bunch of plastic chairs with metal frames that were soldiered feet-to-feet, if that makes any sense, so that it made a globe, with all the seats on the inside of the globe.  I'm not really sure WHY I liked it so much, but it's something I never would have come up with.  There was also a floor tiled from Pink Floyd "The Wall" record covers.  I found it fun because the record covers look like brick walls (yes, yes, Another Brick in the Wall, the Happiest Time in our Lives) and so it made a good floor covering.  My favorite exhibit by far was the War Tourism videos.  I feel like I've done a bit of this myself in Belfast and so I felt like I was able to relate somewhat.  There were five or six televisions set up showing 15-20 minute videos of different journalistic-type interviews in various war-torn or destroyed places.  I watched one on the Paris riots and Chernobyl.  There were also videos on Post-Katrina New Orleans, Auschwitz, and Yugoslavia.  Basically, it was a person videotaping the "tour guide" as they walked through the areas where everything took place.  As rough as it was stylistically, it was very informative and entertaining in that make you sick to your stomach and grateful for what you have sort of way.

More tomorrow!
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photo by: cvanzoen