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    So, today I decided to make my way to the Musee d'art contemporain, but as it usually happens, I got sidetracked by something shiny.  I started down Rue Sainte-Catherine and followed that down to Rue University.  Rue Sainte-Catherine looks like a shopper's paradise and was plenty busy for a late Tuesday morning.  I was actually stopped by a tourist and asked where something was.  I can't tell you what an ego boost for me it is that I get confused for a local!  When I eventually arrived at Rue University, I looked toward McGill and thought it looked lovely, so I headed up that street.

    After walking around campus, I saw on my map the Musee McCord d'histoire canadienne.  Being the nerd I am, I thought that sounded nice and it was a small museum, so why not?  Entry was $13 for adults and $7 for students (I knew law school was going to work in my favor eventually!).  The featured exhibit was all about the evolution of womens clothing, and it was spectacular.  I have always pooh-poohed fashion, but little did I realize that I am a direct product of fashion!  From my staple jeans to my t-shirts, my favorite bikini, even my underwear, it is all part of a process that women have been struggling through for hundreds of years.  I never thought of fashion in those terms before.  The exhibit is nicely presented, mostly following styles as they progressed through the years.  If you are in the area, I highly recommend going!  There are also some fantastic Inuit sculptures showcased on the second floor and an exhibit of Japanese-Canadian photographers' works on the third floor.  It's just amazing and definitely worth your time!

    I then headed up Rue Saint-Denis towards a restaurant that my sadist tour guide recommended yesterday for good Poutine, or as I now like to call it--heart attack on a plate.  Rue Saint-Denis is a cute street lined with cafes and kitschy stores (I don't know what else to call them, the kind that sell Hello Kitty, Tin Tin, and rare books and records, you know the type).  The restaurant, La Banquise, is on the corner of Rachel and Av. du Parc-La Fountaine or so.  It was my first Poutine experience and it was excellent!  For those of you who are unfamiliar with this Quebecois dish, it consists of french fries doused with a very friendly helping of brown gravy and topped off with cheese curds, and oh it was sooooo good!  The restaurant also advertised different kinds of Poutine, including an Italian version consisting of spaghetti sauce instead of gravy, but I decided to keep it 'classique' for my first try.

    After I left La Banquise, I decided to check out the Marche Jean-Talon in Petite Italie.  If I had been more intelligent, I would have taken the subway.  By the time I got to Little Italy, my feet were screaming and my back was about to just give out from carrying my backpack, yet I carried on!  I ended up only buying some peaches and some fresh squeezed lemonade/apple juice.  The prices are better than at Atwater Market, but not enough that it was worth the hike.  Little Italy also seemed like a shopper's delight (along Rue Saint-Hubert), but I wasn't in the mood to go clothes shopping.

    Afterwards I decided to take the metro back to the hostel as it was clear across town at this point.  Subway passes cost $2.75 for one ride, or $12 ($2 each) for a pack of 6.

    This evening I went on a pub crawl with a bunch of people from the hostel.  I don't remember the names of the bars, but we stuck mainly along the Rue St. Dennis.  We just took the subway to Barri UQAM and followed the crowds.  I like the bar scene here.  It's very laid back and conducive to conversation.  There must be a smoke ban here because none of the bars were smoky.  We spent most of our time playing pool and foosball while sharing pitchers of beer.

More tomorrow!
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photo by: cvanzoen