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    Well, it's my last full day in Montreal, so I tried to make it count.  I decided it was time to tackle the underground city, although it was rumored to be disappointing.  For those of you unfamiliar, underneath the hustle and bustle of the outside Montreal world lies a secret passageway of tunnels and dead-ends meant to keep wintering Montrealers warm and tourists forever lost (oh I have evidence that this is the true purpose:  the so-called "map" of this place resembles a family tree, the sort with too many intersecting branches, if you catch my drift). 

    I started at the metro station closest to my hostel and two doorways and one hallway later, I was LOST.  Somehow I made it to the stadium home to the hockey team, Les Canadiens.  I promptly asked some poor, unsuspecting gentleman where the underground city was and with a smirk he replied (en francais, bien sur), "go up to street level, turn right, go to the next metro station, and good luck!"  SO, thats what I did.

    At the next metro station I descended the stairs and found my first sign (a sign!  How novel an idea!) pointing me in the general direction that I wanted to go.  The only problem was, there were two doors to go through and neither looked particularly inviting.  Well, after guessing, entering, walking down the hallway, turning around, exiting, and going through the next door and up an escalator, I found the first sign of civilization--a Starbucks!  Feeling a bit more encouraged, I decided to push on, and of course became lost once again.  Where was this mecca of underground malls and cafes I had heard so much about?

    Well, the mall decided to show up somewhere around ten about-faces, many muttered expletives, and 20 minutes later and by that time I was convinced I was suffering from seasonal affective disorder and was about to disassemble the ceiling brick-by-brick to find the sun.  And, so, I escaped within an inch of losing my sanity.

    Swearing off the Montreal Metro and all subterrainean environs for the rest of my life, I walked to La Musee des beaux arts (the Fine Arts Museum).  The Museum is really quite spectacular.  They, of course, have a lot of French and Canadian artists (Monet, Pisarro, Riopelle).  My favorite exhibits included a sculpture of two skinny, small monkeys killing an obese ape by Tony Matelli and this painting, I think called "The Entrapment of Man" (or something to that effect), which upon close examination portrayed what appeared to be a beautiful woman rising out of a lake to some 20-odd on-lookers, however the woman was NOT a woman at all.  The Museum also had a Yves St Laurent exhibit, but I decided not to avail myself of the opportunity to mock fashion (part of this decision was made not by me, but by the asking price of $15 per ticket, which, when I thought about it, was probably about as much as I had paid for the outfit I was wearing that day).

    Well, after a stroll through Old Town and spending entirely WAY too much money on souvenirs, I decided it was time to return to the hostel and pack and make plans for getting my butt to the airport by 6am tomorrow morning. 

Montreal, it's been great!  Thanks for the fantastic time!
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photo by: cvanzoen