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My rental car

I guess renting a car here was not the brightest idea; well I had hoped that I could have gotten a car with GPS, but no no no. It was rather easy to find Kiev but from there I got lost due to a wrong guidance from the car rental guy and my lacking abilities to read or understand the kyrilian letters (Київ).

I thought I was in another part of town and driving around there not being able to read a single road sign made it very difficult. I asked several taxi drivers for guidance but only help I got was; no English. After almost one and a half hour I found a guy who saved my night for a huge amount of local currency but at that time I couldn't care less.

Arriving at the airport reminded me of Eastern Europe 20 years ago; Very thorough passport control and emigration papers and so forth.

The airport
I waited for my luggage together with fellow traveller of which the most were Ukrainians and was greeted with a bag that had been open. My lock had been tampered and I could see that someone had gone through my toilet bag. Everything had been opened and was thrown back in again. Welcome to Ukraine.

After that little setback that I wouldn't let me influence by I went out to the hordes of black taxis waiting outside. I knew that I never would trust any of these ones but this time I didn't care. I had rented a car.

The Hertz car rental in Kiev airport is situated just as you enter the hordes of Taxis. Inside the little boot a very efficient and well English speaking young guy was helping me. After a lot of photocopies and signing of papers he took me to the car park just outside the main entrance.

At the parking lot he went through the car like I never had seen a car before. He was very keen on explaining everything and I mean everything; headlights, radio and so on. He walked in front of the car and guided me all the way out of the airport.

When I finally arrived at the Radisson hotel after my little ordeal finding it, it was 2am local time. Driving around I could see that the town was still very lively and full of partying people.

I arrived at the hotel at the same time as a prostitute; a young and very beautiful woman looking a bit shy of the situation. I could see on the night portier that it wasn't the first time for him to deal with it. 2 minutes later one of the hotel guests came down and picked up his treat for the night.

KeikoCreative says:
That is why GPS is really helpful:P
Guess unexpected is always adventurous in trips ha ha:D
Posted on: Jan 05, 2009
Chokk says:
This one was totally my own:)
Posted on: Dec 14, 2008
oldschoolbill says:
The world needs more Full Service Hotels!
Posted on: Dec 14, 2008
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My rental car
My rental car
The airport
The airport
photo by: Biedjee