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I had just gotten laid off my job at the real estate company when my friend told me he and another friend were going to travel around the east coast. When I had told one of my friends of the areas we were to visit he thought I was going to start campaigning and getting into politics!! (YEAH RIGHT! ha!) So anyway, I nosied my way in on their travel plans and off we went!!

So they picked me up in Virgina and then we headed to Maryland to visit old friends from back in Guam. Basically just got a tour of the Navy Station. I thought I was transformed back to the 1950s when I saw houses painted pristine white with the white wooden balconies and the U.S. flags flying proudly in their front lawn on the clean cut green grass.

I had a blast in D.C.! We were able to tour the House of Reps and actually got to step into the House Chamber!! Unfortunately no pictures were allowed. Did you know there's practically an underground city just in case they ever get snowed in? There's a Barber, restaurant, sleeping areas, etc. We also paid a visit to the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument and the World War II Memorial (They were all within walking distance of each other). I was just amazed and mesmerized but all the monuments and memorials that I was able to see!! We didn't actually go up to the Washington Monument but rather took pictures of it from the Lincoln Memorial. I was completely awe-struck walking up the steps to Lincoln Memorial. It's just quite an amazing experience to actually step foot onto such important structures that you've only seen on television.

After D.C. we headed out to New York City. I was not impressed. Time Square is definitely a tourist trap and the sellers are quite pushy. I did enjoy watching broadway shows and eating at the local pizzerias. *yum* Definitely found the subway disgusting and wondered what in the world was actually holding it up! It seemed like it was just ready to fall to pieces!!

Stopped in Missouri for a little bit and checked out the Arch Gateway to the West. My friends were freaking out as we were stuffed in little capsules that elevated us to the top of the arch. It was definitely a great view from the top!! We tried to take a picture from the bottom of the Arch but couldn't quite fit it in one shot. We also paid a visit to some of the art structures. They had a big display of an eyeball. I thought that was pretty neat.

We hit up Philadelphia and checked out the Liberty Bell and took a tour of Independence Hall. They say that Independence Hall is pretty much preserved to how it was back in the days. I wasn't quite sure I belileved the Bell they had on display was the original or just a replica. We also decided to try out the famous Philly Cheesesteaks and my friends decided to wander to sum hole in the wall that he "thought" was what his friend recommended. I was highly disappointed since they didn't go with my philly restaurant selection even though I had done some research on the internet.

We pretty much drove straight to Texas and didn't really do anything there but eat and pay a visit to my favorite store: Whole Foods Market. This place was a lot bigger than the one we had in Las Vegas and I didn't want to leave!!

I'm hoping we can do another road trip... perhaps to Canada and see Niagra from the Canadian border!!

maestorm says:
*LOL* that's even a BETTER way to think of them! I told my friend your suggestion and I even elaborated with, "Yes, we were stuffed in this egg that would definitely crack and break like one had the machine failed." ;) I do get a somewhat sordid satisfaction of scaring my friends... :P
Posted on: Sep 05, 2008
vances says:
They shouldn't think of those Gateway Arch transports as "little capsules" --- I like to think of them as "enormous eggs" !!!
Posted on: Sep 05, 2008
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