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Waiting for my suitase - which arrived a-ok.

We're sitting in a plane in an airport at a place called Araxos waiting for new passengers to board so we can continue on our way to Corfu.  The plane is still pretty full of families with lots of kids, couples and randomly assorted people in age and sex on their way for a vacation.  The flight was well over an hour late leaving from Warsaw which seems to cause a chain reaction of delays.  I'm on vacation. I don't care. I've got a good book to read and a journal to write in...  :-)

We finally made it to the airport in Cofru and quickly got our suitcases.  The airport is kind of shabby, run down and in need of some maintenance - none of the urinals worked in the men's room and it was pretty stinky.

Taken from the bus as we headed toward the hotel. The views were spectacular all along the way.
.. Actually, sometimes I prefer shabbiness to sterile perfection.  It surprises me though, since so many thousands of passengers go through this airport every month. That has to mean revenues, which should lead to some TLC for the airport.

We got our suitcases, found a bus to the hotel and got on our way.  It took over an hour to get to the hotel - the last stop on the route.  The scenery along the way reminds me a lot of parts of Spain with beautiful views of the sea, olive and cypress trees, some pines - narrow roads and somewhat chaotic driving.  I enjoyed the ride.

Check in at the Sunshine hotel was ok... I was surprised that no-one in reception (at that moment) spoke English.  It was either German or Greek, so we managed with German.

First view of the airport
  The greeting was really friendly - even brought us a drink to sip on while we were getting checked in.  The room is really nice with a fantastic view and an enormous terrace.  We lost an hour - it's an hour later in Greece than in Poland, so we had to head to the dining room for dinner.  The food was really good - plenty of Greek specialties to try. We found that this place is "all inclusive" so you don't pay for anything - not even drinks.  After dinner we went for a walk down the road from the hotel.  This reminds me of Costa Brava a little.  It was a beautiful warm evening.  When we got back to the hotel they were having a Greek show. I liked listening to the music. It was a nice evening and a great start for a vacation.

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Waiting for my suitase - which arr…
Waiting for my suitase - which ar…
Taken from the bus as we headed to…
Taken from the bus as we headed t…
First view of the airport
First view of the airport
A short wait for suitcases.
A short wait for suitcases.
photo by: TaxMonkey