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Somehow even though it's a vacation I end up getting up early in the morning.  It's a nice time of day, good for a swim and still not too hot.  We headed for breakfast pretty early too, and then picked up the rental car. The picking up the rental car part of the morning was more complicated than expected - something to be ware of - it turns out that with the "special rental rate" that we got for the car only cash payments would be accepted.  And, unfortunately coming from Poland I didn't have enough Euros.  So, I figured I'd look for an ATM - another dead end - no ATM's unless you drive about half an hour to the nearest town.  I was pretty pissed at the rental car guy - he should have told me about this yesterday - but this was when he totally redeemed himself - offering to drive me into town to an ATM so I could get some cash! This certainly was more of a bother to him than whatever he gets from renting one (of many) cars.

So, we got into his car and he drove us to town - about half an hour each way, telling about life on the island, etc and places we should visit all along the drive.  This was really nice.  So, my irritation dissipated very quickly and I really appreciated his flexibility and helpfulness.

I'm looking forward to seeing more of this island.  We decided to head north passing through Kalami, Kouloura and Kassiopi.  I finally turned off the road when we reached Perithia and we stopped for a coffee and to take some pictures. The area is nice - quiet - there are grape vines growing over terraces making some nice shade.  Also plenty of flowers everywhere.  After Perithia we headed up the hills to Moni Pantokrator and Palia Perithia which is an old town with a lot of interesting ruins.

  I read that it was founded in the 14th century as a place to escape from pirates and at one time had about a thousand inhabitants.  It's not like that anymore... There are plenty of old abandoned buildings at least one church and on Mt. Pantokrator (914 m.) a monastery.  It was incredibly hot there.  We wandered around Palia Perithia  for quite a while taking pictures and enjoying the spectacular views.  This is a place that will probably develop more in the future for tourism.  It's picturesque, attracts quite a few visitors. 

After that we headed back to the car and continued through Acharavi (lots of shops and tourist stuff here but it didn't look to inviting to me).

  From there we continued on a sort of circle through Sidari, Agios Stefanos, Armenades, Dafni, Agros, Skripero, and Gardilades.  Some of these places were really beautiful, but unfortunately as I type this a few weeks later I find it hard to remember which pictures are which places!  I wanted to go to another beach for a while so we headed through Liapades and Pelekas to Glifada and Mirtiotissa beach. It is a really beautiful beach.  Quite a hike to get to it but worth the effort.  It's a mixed "naturist" and "textile" beach - clothed in the center and unclothed on both ends. The water was cool, clear and beautiful.  There is a little restaurant where you can get something to eat above the beach and a stand selling drinks right by the sand.  It was a nice place to spend a couple hours swimming and relaxing after all the driving.  But all of the rest and relaxation flew out the window when we had to hike back up the hill to the car!! Quite a workout!

It was getting late by then so we headed back to the hotel for dinner. 

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Our rental car
Our rental car
photo by: boxinbcn