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Well I've been wanting to write a journal on here from my trip to India, I wanted to be able to do it all at once but I think I'm going to have to do it in pieces so here goes....

Well getting our Indian visas was a story all in itself. We got the first ones and they were sent FedEx to my friends' house. She unfortunately was away when they were arrived and FedEx left them on her doorstep. As luck would have it, it rained the next day and soaked the package. When she got back they were drenched! She attempted to dry them off but the signature on the visas got washed off. So we took a ride into Washington the one day to visit the Indian embassy to ask if they could just resign it. After dealing with traffic and the long ride in we finally arrived. Once we got there and told them what happened they told us we had to go to a contracting company down the street because that was who issued the visas. So we walked about 4 blocks or so to the company. They then told us they could not resign the visas and only the embassy could, but would take them back to the embassy for us. After killing time for a few hours they contacted us and told us the embassy would not sign our visas and that we have to purchase another visa each at the cost of about $100. Long story short I ended up with 2 visas in my passport for my single week trip to India.

The night finally came when we left for New York City from Odenton in Maryland. We left about 10pm driving up to the city and didn't get to my friend's parents' house until after 1am. We spent the night with her family and then the next morning went around NYC for a bit as our flight didn't leave until 5:30pm. We went to the statue of Liberty. Which if you decide to do I HIGHLY recommend getting advance tickets online the waiting line was enormous! Plus we got our tickets 3 days before and even then the earliest we could go was at 10 am as the prior reservations on the fairy were already full! So we did that and Ellis Island, Wall St. and a few other things before leaving on our 5:30 flight. We flew Aeroflot which unfortunately was not a good experience. In my travels so far I prefer Air France. The international flights I went with them were very enjoyable and I never had any problems. But anyways, we had a 7 hour lay over in Moscow and then off to India.

Once we landed in India we had already made reservations with a tour company called "Smile India Tour" I do not think we could have chose a better tour company. After our experience with them, I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone traveling to India looking for a tour around the Golden Triangle. We paid about $600 each and they picked us up at the airport, even though we arrived over 2 hours late at 4:30am! All the hotels were paid for, and we basically had our own person driver to take us around India and between the cities. Unfortunately he could not speak English fluently but did his best to understand us. He miraculously saved us twice which I’ll get into later.

We took Aeroflot airlines from New York to Moscow and then from Moscow to Delhi. While the flight went very smoothly unfortunately my luggage experience did not. We arrived in Delhi at around 2am, went through border protection, and patiently waited for our bags. We had a total of 3, which as we waiting we began to hope more and more that at least the 2 which our necessities at least showed up. I think about the time I was really starting to worry one finally showed up and soon after another; the two which we desperately needed. The last one fortunately was half full of our water supply but still had some valuables. After waiting what seemed to be forever we finally decided to final a claim that our bag had been lost, doing so they told us that the bag was still in Moscow and that would be put on the next flight to Delhi, which happened to be the same flight we came in our but the next day. So it would arrive at about 2am and I should call tomorrow sometime around 5am.

b93sp says:
delivering my luggage? haha that's another part of the story which i haven't written yet. i woke up every morning at 5am to call them to find out if the bag arrived, and everyday they told me no call tomorrow. well the one time they said come to the airport it's here. so our driver was nice enough to take us there. and after another hour at the airport we found out that it never actually showed up and they still didn't know where it was. (that's the short version) haha
Posted on: Nov 26, 2008
b93sp says:
amazing enough they didn't say anything to me about having to Visas. before i left though either the embassy or the contracting company stamped void on the visa with the washed out signature.
Posted on: Nov 24, 2008
yishao says:
and...didn't they have the service of delivering the luggage? Poor Rob!
Posted on: Nov 24, 2008
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