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So as if most people know, or don't know... this weekend trip, actually like all trips was all about a girl. A girl I met here in the "valley of the sun" who somehow convinced me to come meet her halfway (she lives in kayenta) in Flagstaff. As much as I could explain or deny it, the simple fact is that I managed to leave the city and head up 2 hours north for (honestly) a girl that i barely even knew. All on a whim since I couldn't get her out of mind... i never really felt this way so fast, so what the heck - lets give it a try?
So the night went well, checked into the hotel and turned on the tube. Saw part of the Cavs/Wizards game... thanks to it, i got a good nap  (no offense Lebron). I finally got a call from "her" (sorry no names...)  we decided on dinner at Strombolli's... good food. For anyone that has been to Flagstaff knows that its not a big city, but a nice place to getaway from the heat and enjoy yourself. (its a place in Az that actually gets snow!!)
So while dinner was happening, did the high school giggling and asking 100 questions, I got a feel about what a person she was. And right then and there I knew, there wasn't nothing there...  not a bad thing. Just thought it would have a different out come... but oh well - she felt mutual, so nothing lost... = )  We then tried to catch a flick. missed it, and the only thing i could muster up doing in Flag was drinking.. = )   then we hit up downtown Flag. Which is a nice place, i really enjoyed myself... the only problem is that the good bars had line that wrapped around the block and I wasn't about to stand my @ss there in the cold  (maybe 60 degrees) waiting to get in... so we find a nice lil place right across from Maloney's  - never got the name. But it was awesome... a few beers/shots later I caught a cab back to the hotel and crashed out.... by myself... (sorry to let you down Erin...)
Something interesting I heard from the night was something called "Tequilla Sunrise"... i thought it was a drink.. but as i heard people describe it, it was based in downtown flagstaff... they isolate the area of bars and open the area @ 6am and let the people party!! how awesome is that?!?  so that is something i wanna get more information about... 
So the following day, was all about nursing the hangover. My apologies to the Queen for missing your call... your servant was pill popping to get rid of the pain... lmfao...   and Liz, if catching the sunrise at the grand canyon, Tequilla Sunrise is always an option... = )  i really cant wait to head back to Flagstaff for another weekend.

acowboy says:
Great... thats what I need.. to get humiliated on LIVE TV!! = /
Posted on: Oct 28, 2008
azsalsa says:
Sounds like we need to do a reality series on your adventures!
Posted on: Oct 28, 2008
hummingbird50 says:
Hey if you don't try...well then you would have always wondered...good man! :):) Great story...:):)
Posted on: Oct 27, 2008
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