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Jess (Jadza), Me (Acowboy), Jeff (Inacto) Jeff's female friend, and Robyin (freespirit3)

So here I am again, its friday and I am at work just about finishing up my shift. Just another boring day with nothing to do. Due to it being summer here, and about an average of 110 degrees, no one wants to visit Az nonetheless stay at my hotel = ( . The good news though is that Harriet is coming tonight and I don't have to cook!! I've been in good contact with Robyn and Harriet. I emailed Keith, but forgot to give him my phone number - my only reason was that I was excited to meet you Keith!! I then got a message from Jessica (jadza) about calling her for travel connections. Nice connection to have... = )  after getting past that I invited her to the meet up and also got her number to confirm when and where! Other than hearing that Robyn had touched based with Jeff and letting him know that we were definately meeting up tonight I haven't heard much more.

Keith (kchrist454) and Dema
So the basics were covered, people confirmed... GREAT!! But ummm... where exactly? Robyn told me is lives WAY OUT west in the middle of nowhere but works downtown. So naturally, why not have the meet up there? So once again, calling/messaging back and forth we decide on Jackson's on 3rd. I've been there only once, to be honest I don't like going downtown PHX unless its sports related since I am scared for my life. = ) jk  its a lovely  growing downtown area that has a few sky high businesses, and a new condo that went up what seemed like days that definately caught my eye. (BAD ADRIAN!! You just moved into your new apartment just a week ago!)  but i honestly doubt I think I could even finance the place! So after agreeing on the spot, I quickly text Keith, Jess and Harriet and let him know where and at the confirmed time of 530.
Whats on Tap... = )
 I recieved confirmation from Jess but kieth was uncertain about making it that early - myself included since it looked like it was going to be a long day. Harriet also called to let me know she was going to be late for the 530... so once again I texted and texted.

So I finally get free of work and head on out, the time is 6pm, so Jess and Robyn are there and giving me a hard time - like all women do! but I then come to find out that Harriet has cancelled on us... = (  but the show must still go on! Upon reaching downtown phoenix, i see the signs for 'baseball traffic', geez. Add more time... ! so another 15 minutes later I have to come to terms with parking! - 10$ here or 15$ there, till i then see the big bright sign of 5$ and it just happens to be down the street! Sweet! So making sure I look presentable the best I can, and make it seem like I am not just coming from work I call Jess to see where they are.

ANother useless pic... no jagerbomb I know... = (
I mean I dont wanna look even more loserish than I do now by not knowing where to go. So the quote "two beautiful women at the bar" served them right!! Once I walked through the door, took one look at the bar and BAM!! there they sat... what a lucky guy I was...!!  I introduced myself, foolishly asked which one they were ( i rather ask then to be wrong). So from there, it was waiting to see if Keith and Jeff would show. Lucky for me, we were at a bar, and they served ALCOHOL...!! But like my LA Meet Up, had to take it easy - didn't want them to think I was some sort of alcoholic!...yet

After some great conversation about what the ladies do and just some leisure talking, Jeff came up and surprised us with his female friend which I forgot her name.

Dbacks getting OWNED by the Braves!
We talked some and drank some more then noticed Keith coming our way with his future wife Dema(?!?). What a great crowd we had, we weren't big in numbers, only big on heart! We commanded the attention of the bartenders. We drew attention of people, since they sat next to us rather than the empty side of the bar. I learned alot of these guys and was honored to be in their presence. Great people who I wouldn't mind traveling with and can definately see myself traveling with! After a awhile we got the notion that Harriet was coming, alot of us were bumb since this was for her...BOO!! but she was there in spirt! so we thought we would call her and make her feel guilty! She answered and we made fun of her and all had our chance to tease her, then came the original idea of us going to Sedona tomorrow.
What is allegedly Keith's Fatboy... too far to tell and I didn't feel like getting to close to it. (minority next to it) with cops around... lol
We then decided to do the early one day trip leaving at 630 from my hotel tomorrow. Jess then dropped TB name THE_BILL and MN, then I kinda tuned out what they were saying and remembered about the meet up over there and thought of seeing how Michael, Julie and Alyssa are doing!  I knew I had Michael's number... or so I thought since Julie gave me a bumb number.... another unhappy face... = (  but then I tuned back into Jess convo about catching how she herself is going to MN....  I sure wish I could go! Soon after the party was coming to an end, Robyn had something going on so she ditched us. I guess she started the trend since a few minutes later Jess and Jeff took off. So there was just Keith, Dema(?!?) and I there, we just ordered beer, so no rush. Enjoyed our convo about sports and money... what we should be doing and how much we should be getting paid. Sitting at the end of an NBA bench making 1 million dollars sounds good to me! I got to know him very well. So great sign of things to come, I also found out that many more PHX TBers were interested, just let them know with more time in advance in mind... = ) 

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Jess (Jadza), Me (Acowboy), Jeff (…
Jess (Jadza), Me (Acowboy), Jeff …
Keith (kchrist454) and Dema
Keith (kchrist454) and Dema
Whats on Tap... = )
Whats on Tap... = )
ANother useless pic... no jagerbom…
ANother useless pic... no jagerbo…
Dbacks getting OWNED by the Braves!
Dbacks getting OWNED by the Braves!
What is allegedly Keiths Fatboy..…
What is allegedly Keith's Fatboy.…
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