We FINALLY Found The Lava River Cave!!

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Thanks to TRIPADVISOR we found this hidden gem!
Yeah so at first I was super excited about this trip, I mean a cave?!?  I read about it, never been there, but decided on heading that way... = )  
So honestly I had no idea where it was, I talked to the front desk at the HGI - they were no help and rude... = (   I knew the general area, but not the "exact" location...  so i thought that we would drive and when we would get closer - there would be signs... about 2 hours later.. we were "lost"... again.. = )  so I called a few Tbers.. and none knew what the heck I was talking about... they found the website, but no logical directions only the phone number to the Park Service!! So I called them and BAM!! we were back on track.

... about half and hour - we were there. Once again, I regret not driving a truck... the road was built for 4 wheelers... = (
When we parked, there were no clear signs saying where to go, so I just followed what seemed to a the trail - biggest trail I guess. It led to the enterence point of the cave... my stomach dropped.. it looked like the beginning of a horror movie... but i had to be strong!! Nothing but rocks on top of rocks... dark open spaces between one another gave me the creeps... lol  especially we were in the middle of nowhere, no one even close to hear our screams...  (NOT GOOD!!)   but still i wanted down to the mouth, and then some rodent jumped from the between the rocks (scarying the crap out of me!!) and then ran off into the woods.
Not the best way to start it off - but if sure did give Liz a good laugh... so we ventured down and it was not easy. The rocks were un-even and hard to find a way down, I was already worried about going back up. As we made our way down, the light from the outside disappeared and we were left with 2 flimsy flashlights that we bought from Target the night before... = /     Liz kept taking pictures, I just asked her not to tell me if there is something behind me or ahead... i honestly did not want to know... but the willingness to impress Liz was all that drove me. There were times when we had to crawl, fell, sprained a knee, ankle... = )   and when the road split, we hit a dead end (take the right path if ya'll ever do this!!)  then when we were tired and sweating and ready for it to be over.. we hit the end!! Just ended with a wall... i thought it was going to have an opening at the end but nope... = /    so we backtracked all the way back.  On the way back up, I was so tired I hit my head and saw stars... but once out and seeing light, it was such a great experience and enjoyed it alot!!

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photo by: walterman9999