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So its a beautiful thursday night, just doing the usual. Ya know, buggin people of the TravBuddy site, pushing on the keyboard just wasting my time at work. I then notice a new message, I see its from Robyn (freespirit3). Telling me how cool it is for me to be going to Sedona with Harriet (africancrab). To my dismay I was definately caught off guard... Huh?!? What?!? When? lol...   my words exactly I believe. Robyn seemed to know alot more than I did, I mean apparently I was scheduled to go and had all these great hikes in mind. I also committed to do the Pink Jeep Tours, which is basically jumping in a pink jeep and exploring the beautiful scenary.  I quickly called her on her cell but no answer ( i think since she is at work she is all businness!!) to let me know that I had no plans and this was weird to me, but then a few minutes later I get a comment from Harriet letting me know that she is on her way down tomorrow (friday) and that she contacted Jeff (intacto) and Keith (christ454) and that they committed to a meet up and a trip to Sedona this weekend. At that time I haven't had the pleasure of meeting any these guys, and they were in the same town as myself. Naturally I thought I would do something productive and atleast reach out. But how lame would I be (actually more lame than I already am) to just say "HI."?  So hmmm... after a few back and forth thoughts of what to do. I decided to do it, "why not?!?" Lil did I know what I was getting myself into... = )
kre0123 says:
you should have commented me...i love sedona!
Posted on: Aug 11, 2008
row-zzzzz says:
She's lots of fun from the pics I saw of you all in her newest Sedona blog!!!!! Glad you went.
Posted on: Aug 10, 2008
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photo by: ahtibat17