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So last Tuesday we found ourselves at Disneyland.  We had checked into the Grand Californian that Sunday (which has now become our "homebase" in the LA area since we can use our Disney Vacation Club points to stay there) but had work to do on Monday, so I promised the kids to take them to the park the next day.  M had to fly to Phoenix early tuesday morning for a meeting, so it was just me and the kids at the park.  Because we stayed on Disney property, we were able to get into the park an hour before its 10AM opening that day.  This extra hour plus the fact that it was low season made it the best time to visit Disneyland. 

We got into the park at 9AM and raced to get into line at the new Nemo submarine ride.  We were in line for a total of 10 minutes.  That was the longest we had to stand in line.  The rest of the day we pratically walked on whatever ride we wanted. There were also no lines to visit the kids favorite characters for hugs and pictures.  I just LOVED the feeling of having the park all to ourselves.

I was disappointed to find one of my favorite rides was closed (sing it with me--'it's a small world, after all...it's a small world, after all...it's a small world, after all. it's a small, small world'--now you've got it stuck in your head for the rest of the day!).  But being able to walk right into the new Pirates of the Carribean ride made up for it.  The last time we were at Disney was March of last year, but there have been several new things added since then, so we made it a point to check those things out. 

 We visited the revamped Tom Saywer's Island--and ZT had fun running around the island, going through the caves and up Tom's treehouse.  Well, it was fun until he started getting chest pains from running in the cold (something he isn't used to) and coughing then finally throwing up.  I freaked out for a moment thinking he might be developing asthma (common in his dad's family), but when he started throwing up i remembered feeling the same way back when we used to go skiing/snowboarding and I would overexert myself in the cold.  He had to sit down and catch his breath then he was fine. 

It was cold.  The sun came out and warmed things up an hour then is started to get colder and colder.  The wind picked up a little.  My face was numb from the cold, so I was glad when the kids decided they'd had enough.  We decided to head back for the hotel and maybe do a bit of shopping in Downtown Disney on the way.  We thought we'd go back to the park to catch the parade and fireworks if Mason was going to be late coming back from Phoenix, but he caught an early afternoon flight back, and was able to do some work before driving back to the hotel.  We met him in the lobby and were able to have dinner and catch an early movie with the kids. 

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photo by: Eric