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Sunset on the plane from KL to Langkawi

Wow... so it was only coincedence that i ended up coming here.. I hadn't planned on it, but since i realised KL was actually a little boring to spend too many days in, and the fact that my old job accidentally paid me an extra $600 (!!!!!) I booked a ticket to Langkawi.. I hadn't actually even heard of it before, but after doin a little research (after booking my ticket might I add) I realised that it actually looked like a pretty cool place.

I rocked up to Pantai Cenang beach at about 8:30pm with my backpack on, wide eyed and with no idea where i was going. I had asked the cab driver to drop me at a hotel i read about quickly in a lonely planet guide that i flipped through at the airport.

Langkawi airport!
However, the lady in reception wasn't very friendly... I dont think they were booked out (as apart from me and the cab driver and a wierd man across the st, i hadnt actually seen any other tourists...) but she told me I had to go up the street. At this point, i didnt even know which side of the road the beach was on, hence I wasnt sure which way I should be walking to get to another hotel! A man approached me on the street asking me if i was looking for a room... i probably couldnt lie and say no to this wierd man.. i think the backpack and the confused look on my face gave it away! He wanted me to get in his car and see the room he had for rent... i decided this was one of those moments as a single girl travelling alone where I should just say no...
I walked one way up the road and didnt see anything that resembled a hotel, so headed back the other direction and had to pass the man again, telling him i knew where i was going (once again, i think he could easily see through this!!).
My little room at AB motel, was pretty good for the price!
.. a little down the road i found a place called AB Motel, which i had read about on the net as being an ok budget hotel, so i went and booked in there.

Langkawi was a little different to how i imagined... i was expecting a LOT more tourists... I know its low season, but i couldnt understand how deserted it all was! After finding my room, the first thing i did was went on the net to find a place to go out that night.. a friend was telling me about a reggae bar that was apparently really good.. so i looked it up and decided to head there. I jumped in a cab and asked him to take me there... he was telling me a place called Sunba that i should go to, and pointed it out as we drove past. So... got to the reggae bar... up a deserted dark muddy driveway, i approach to see not a single soul in the bar.

WASTED!! Luckily i wasnt driving haha
.. and since the plan was to actually MEET people, this wasnt going to do...
I decided to head back to Sunba.. there was a restaurant next door, and by this time  was STARVING. So i ate a meal and talked to the waiter, who told me to deff head in next door when I was done.
La Sumba was a pretty cool place... the live music there was actually pretty good!! Its bad to say, but i think their english singing is almost better than what i hear at home!!
As friendly as locals are... I find it easier to approach tourists... the problem was, i couldnt see any! And i felt like everyone was staring at me like I wasnt meant to be there... anyway my paranoia faded and an old man next to me at the bar started some friendly chit chat, which kept me going long enough until i had enough drinks to bop my head to the music without caring that i was sitting there by myself.
After some time one of the locals came and started talking to me. His name was Omar and he was a really cool guy! We had lots of fun and got quite smashed... which was bad considering the drink prices there were almost as much as at home!
So just before close time, we decided it was time to stumble outside and ride his bike back to the hotel! Id never actually been on a bike before... although i guess i wouldnt call these MOTORbikes... as they prob dont go more than like 50kph. But it was still lots of fun!!

Langkawi was starting to look up, with only more fun to come!!

cmgervais says:
I wish someone would accidentally pay ME $600... :^)
Posted on: Nov 22, 2008
ErnaButterfly says:
Did u mean Sunba? I hang out there whenever I'm in Langkawi too.
Posted on: Sep 01, 2008
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Langkawi airport!
Langkawi airport!
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WASTED!! Luckily i wasnt driving …
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