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Monteverde is an amazing place.  Our first activity is the zip line over the forest canopy.  True to its name, the cloud forest was indeed covered in a thick fog that made it seems as though the zip lines had no end - they led straight into the fog and out of sight.  It's a bit unnerving to strap in and take off because it is feels like I'm traveling into the great unknown.   The longest line is almost half a km long.  At long last, I arrive at the next post, only to do it again.  Shana is more hesitant than I, as she is somewhat afraid of heights, but we both make it to the end of the course.  After the zip lines, we take a guided nature walk through the cloud forest seeing toucans,  sloths and other animals that you ordinarly only see on cereal boxes or in zoos!

That afternoon, we went on a horseback ride across the mountains, braving mud and fog all the way.

  It was Shana's first time on a horse and I had to keep reasuring her that they were well trained and wouldn't buck her off at every opportunity.   But the muddier and steeper the trail became, the more I ended up having to reasure myself!  The following day, we signed up for white water rafting.  It was only a half day, and only category 2-3 rapids, but this was her time to shine as she was much more confident than I, having recently been on a white water rafting trip in West Virginia the year before.  Needless to say, she enjoyed it more than I, but it was fun indeed. 

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