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Atocha Train Station

I was meeting one of my friends, Jessica, in Madrid, so we rendezvoused at the hotel we would be staying at for the rest of our trip around 9am.  Let me add here that we stayed in a great hotel.  It was comfortable, affordable and the location was fantastic (see review).  We were both a bit tired, so our first order of business was coffee and breakfast.  We decided to head over to the Puerta del Sol.  We stopped at a beautiful outdoor café and ate a leisurely breakfast.  After that, it was off to check out the area, walking up and down the streets surrounding the central plaza.  I should mention here that I had been receiving text messages the prior day from a TB (who shall remain nameless so as not to embarrass him in any way) I had been hoping to meet up with.

Atocha Train Station
  Due to technological issues, we could not have a voice conversation and I was unable to send text messages back to him.  I had planned on just calling his hotel later since I knew where he was staying, but turns out, during our stroll, we walked right by the hotel.  I stopped in and left a message for him at the desk.

Jessica and I took the metro back towards our hotel, as the next thing on our agenda was the Museo Centro de Arte Reina Sofía.  I am not a huge fan of more modern arts, but I was pleasantly surprised by how many pieces here I enjoyed.  Firstly, there was an exposition of photos by Edward Steichen.  I was not previously familiar with his work, but was totally captivated by these photos.  Also interesting was a collection of works by Javier Riera.  Of course, the main reason for going is to see Picasso’s Guernica, and some notable Dalí  and Miró works.

While we were at the museum, I got a call from my TB friend (let’s call him “X”), and we made plans to meet up for dinner.  With the potential for a late night, Jessica and I stopped for a late lunch and headed back to the hotel for a siesta.


DISCLAIMER:  I apologize in advance if the next section takes on a bit of a romance novel quality.  That is not normally my style, but this was also not my normal night.  I am not offended by those who prefer to skip it.  I spent a lot of time debating whether or not to include it for thousands of anonymous people to read.  But in the end, it was part of my trip--my favorite part of my trip��"and while I am not totally comfortable talking about these things, perhaps it will help me process the enormity of its impact on me.


If I were to be truly honest about my first impression of X, I would have to say that I actually got butterflies (and would be very embarrassed about saying it) and that I was fully aware that this man was way out of my league.  It wasn’t simply that he was gorgeous, but rather his whole demeanor.  He carried himself with confidence that wasn’t cocky, and he was friendly and open without being overbearing.  After initial introductions, the three of us decided to head to the Plaza Santa Ana to get to know each other over a pitcher of Sangria.  The conversation was easy and it seemed all of us were enjoying the evening.  I personally found myself completely engrossed by X.  He obviously preferred to be a listener than a talker, but when he did speak, I was captured by the passion with which he spoke.

We decided on a dinner of Tapas at the nearby Hotel RoomMate Alicia restaurant.  The food was fantastic, as were the 2 bottles of wine we drank.  We sat talking for quite awhile, but realized it was probably time to leave when we noticed the staff had already finished cleaning up and were sitting down to their own dinner.

From here we headed over to the Bar BIA down the street on X’s suggestion.  The bar was comfortably full of people and playing a great selection of music in Spanish (finally!  I was getting a bit sick of hearing American music everywhere else).  A few more drinks and the loud music, gave me the courage and opportunity to lean in a bit closer when talking to X, and casually touch his arm.  I wasn’t able to discern whether he was interested or not and honestly, I was guessing he was more interested in my more attractive friend, Jessica.  I was going to completely abandon hope, when I thought maybe I felt him not-so-accidentally brush my hand with his own.  Fully aware how completely adolescent it all seemed, I decided to test the waters and reached out to feel for his hand.  When I felt his fingers clasp mine, the butterflies came back.  I don’t think I have gotten that much pure joy out of holding hands since I was 15.  But that was nothing compared to what I felt like when he touched my cheek and kissed me.  Honestly, I couldn’t believe this was even happening---how was it even possible this man was interested in me?  I raised an eye to check on Jessica, who was apparently fine on her own as she was already dancing with/making out with an attractive gentleman (Go Jess!).  We stayed for a bit longer, and I couldn’t seem to stop touching X.  Finally, it was time to call it a night and we walked back to our hotel. 

X was leaving the next day, and I made the decision that I wasn’t ready to part company just yet.  He and I proceeded to spend the rest of the night (and morning) talking and getting to know each other.  I knew that I couldn’t trust what I was feeling….I mean, we had just met each other and we live on different continents…this couldn’t possibly amount to anything, right?  But try as I may to remain realistic, I got completely swept away by him and fell totally head over heels.  Everything he said and did made me literally weak in the knees.  This is not something I am at all prone to (I can count the number of times it has happened to me on one hand and still have fingers left), and something I resist against in most cases.  Maybe it was that typical romance of being somewhere far from home, but I think (hope!) it was more than that.  I don’t often feel a deep connection to other people and I am definitely not that open with my emotions, but this is one case where both of these issues flew out the window.  I couldn’t believe how absolutely empty I felt watching him as we boarded different trains when he left for the airport. 

I will be honest….I haven’t heard much from X since we met.  Perhaps he is busy.  Perhaps we had very different interpretations of our time together.  Perhaps he just doesn’t know what to say.  Either way, I hope he knows that I will never forget him, and if he changes his mind, he always knows where to find me.


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Atocha Train Station
Atocha Train Station
Atocha Train Station
Atocha Train Station
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