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another plane about to land at Philadelphia International Airport

My flight had departed for PA a little behind schedule, but landed a few minutes early.  I reached gate F2 before 6-30pm, but the board showed my 7:00pm flight as delayed until 8:24pm.  The US Airways agent at the podium said I would arrive at 9:40 and I hurriedly checked my bus schedule.  The last GF of the night would pass Tweed a mere two minutes after my landing!  I expressed my frustration, but remained optimistic that the flight might land early and the bus would run late.


She made a call to update our status and the agent informed us they had pushed back the flight further to an 8:55 departure.  There would be no way for me to catch the last bus!  A fellow traveler, Tara, to my left, hearing me explain my situation to a talkative woman standing on my right, interjected to ask where I live.

US 4550 from PHL to HVN delayed :-o Uggh!
  To my answer, “West Haven” the woman replied, “Oh, that’s were I live.”  “My husband’s the mayor;” she continued, “He’s coming to pick me up when we land, so I can give you a ride.”  How cool was that; my delayed flight and missed bus would result in a ride home from the mayor!


Tara was not only attractive and charming, but also brilliant.  She holds bachelor’s degrees in aeronautical and mechanical engineering, a master’s, and a law degree.  The impressive woman has worked for Bowing designing components of aircraft in use on 747-400s, so it was a pleasure chatting with her while we waited.  Thanks to Tara’s considerate offer and intelligent conversation, I felt relaxed and unbothered over the duration of our two-hour delay.


Our tires left PHL pavement finally at ten past nine and it was a rather disgusting flight as a heavy smoker occupied the seat beside mine.  Obviously, smoking is prohibited on the aircraft, but the foul smell of stale tobacco and musty carcinogens enveloped the man and polluted the air around him.  I was engulfed in his fog of stink and could hardly turn my head far enough on the ten-minutes intervals when he hacked up globs of the tar that coats his lungs.  With my vent fan fully open to provide odorless, recycled air, I drank a complementary bottle of Stone Cellars by Beringer cabernet sauvignon and ate one of my tart, rich slices of key lime pie.
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another plane about to land at Phi…
another plane about to land at Ph…
US 4550 from PHL to HVN delayed :-…
US 4550 from PHL to HVN delayed :…