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The Abbey's nave

A very nice day here in Bath, a little dark and chilly, but we had a fun day exploring Bath Abbey and the Roman Baths.  So the boring low down of the day went like this: since we didn't have to drive any where today, we got to sleep in.  Well, I did, Erika got up early and went for a run.  She's crazy, but thats another topic all together :)  Anyhoo, today was the day we got rid of our car, happy day!  No more getting lost or trying to find our way around town.  It was quite liberating. 

Ok, back to the day, we started the day by going to the Bath Abbey and toured around there, it is massive, with large stainglass windows and a mighty vaulted ceiling.  We took a tour up to the bell tower lead by a couple of the bell ringers who showed us how they ring the bells, plus the views up there were breathtaking, if not a wee bit on the windy side.

Life is a bath, all paddle about in its great pool

So after spending a lot longer in the abbey then we had planned, we decided to treat ourselves to massages at one of the many salons in town.  It was wonderful and just what we needed, a nice relaxing swedish massage, after all when in Rome...

Relaxed and ready to continue to explore we made our way over to the ancient roman baths and took a self guided tour of the ruins.  The baths themselves are amazing in their own ways, but the creativity of the romans is outstanding, the first hot tub, underfloor heating, etc.  Some roman citizens came out and gave us little more insight into the baths and we had our handy dandy handsets with commentary by Bill Bryson.  The waters are green now from all the alge in the water, but during the roman rule it was covered and protected from the sun.

On the Bizarre Bath Comedy Tour
  The Spring waters were considered sacred and a gift from Minerva, the roman goddess of healing.  The waters come out of the earth roughly 40 degrees celisus, a little on the warm side.  When the romans left town, the baths went to ruins and over time were covered.  They were rediscovered in the late 1800's and turned into a place of healing and treatment of different ailments.  Today it is just a tourist location, but those springs have been pumping out thousands of gallons of hot water everyday for the past 10,000 years.  Its amazing.

Ended the night taking the award winning comedy tour, Bizarre Bath.  It was excellent, a walking tour around Bath that had nothing to do with history or anything about the city, just fun and entertainment.  Our guide did magic, told jokes and funny stories and gave us all a hard time.  A blast!  We watched a stuff bunny being chained and thrown into the river, a wedding ring fly away on a balloon and someone's head getting chopped off (ok not off off but it came close, the poor carrots). 

We really enjoyed Bath even though we really didn't make it past the town center.  Tomorrow we are jumping on a train and heading to London.  The end is near!

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The Abbeys nave
The Abbey's nave
Life is a bath, all paddle about i…
Life is a bath, all paddle about …
On the Bizarre Bath Comedy Tour
On the Bizarre Bath Comedy Tour
Bath Abbey at night
Bath Abbey at night
photo by: Hummingbird