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With Robin Hood's Statue, where's the rest of his bow?

So we are in the legendary Nottingham, home of outlaws and evil sheriffs.  It's changed a bit over the years, not a whole lot, but enough.  Anyhoo, arrived at our hostel, the Igloo sometime in the early afternoon, a nice enough place, the staff was very friendly and the building was quite cute.  We are sharing a room with 4 other girls, one is a teacher from Australia who is going to be teaching in Nottingham this coming year.  Haven't seen much of the others yet.  Went exploring around town, saw the Robin Hood statue, Nottingham Castle, Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem Inn (the oldest inn in England- dates back to 1150), even meet the real sheriff of Nottingham and the not so real Robin Hood.

Entering Sherwood Forest
  Erika and I went our seperate ways for the afternoon and each explored at our own pace.  I saw a couple of churches and went to check out the Tales of Robin Hood- a place where they tell the tales of Robin Hood, it was very kid-oriented though.  It was a bank holiday today, so not much was open, oh well.

Met back up with Erika at our hostel and drove northeast a bit (got completely lost again and had to ask directions from a nice grandfather who was sweeping his driveway) to Sherwood Forest Visitor Center.  It was closed.  But we took a self guided walk around one of the loops and looked at the mighty oak trees that are there.  Some are over 500 years old and are 33 feet around the base.  The most famous one is the Major Oak, whose massive limbs have to be supported by metal posts.  It was quite impressive. 

Had dinner at the Golden Fleece Pub across the street from the hostel, I don't know if it was because we were so hungry by this point, but the food was really good.  Then back to the hostel to rest.  The plan is to leave first thing in the morning.  Could have done without coming to Nottingham, its very tourist trappy and inner city-ish with all the problems associated with inner cities, but at least we can say we have been here.  Don't think I'll go back.

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With Robin Hoods Statue, wheres …
With Robin Hood's Statue, where's…
Entering Sherwood Forest
Entering Sherwood Forest
Erika & Jen with Robin Hood & the …
Erika & Jen with Robin Hood & the…
The Major Oak
The Major Oak
Waiting for our food at the Golden…
Waiting for our food at the Golde…
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