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After melting trying to hike the caldera, we decided to check out mainland Santorini.  We got passes for the cable car which apparently is a relatively new option for getting into town.  When my ex had visited with his family previously, the only two options were to ride the donkeys up or walk up the stairs!  Thank heaven for modern inventions! LOL.

We walked around a bit and everyone was tired so we found a place we could stop for a quick drink while taking in the views.  All of us just really wanted a good gyro, nothing too heavy as dinner was pretty close and finally we found a little shop that was packed and their speciality was gyros.  In Greece, the gyro is basically more like fast food, you won't find the gyro pita on a menu in most of the nicer restaurants.

  And lamb, even less likely!  All chicken and beef in Greece - apparently lamb gyros are more an American thing they told us. 

After scarfing down the gyro, we went wandering and shopping some more.  Soon, we realized it was getting late so we needed to get back down the hill and to the boat.  We were sorta lost it appeared and way on the backside of the island.  After zig zagging through a bunch of little alleys and through people's common areas it seemed, we finally found the main road again.  We had basically walked a good stretch of the island and didn't even realize it. 

As we arrived at the tram area, the line was pretty long.  My ex sis in law was sure we weren't going to make it in time so she suggested we do the stairs.

  OMG.  After my almost asthma attack earlier, I was not ready for this.  She thought it couldn't be that bad because the steps were small.  45 minutes later, several slip & almost fall incidents, countless dodges of donkey poop, we were finally down at the bottom.  Don't let those stairs fool you - they may not be big steps, but you will get a major workout.  They are marble I believe and super slippery, throw in some donkeys, their hot stinky poop, and experience like no other.  LOL. 

Needless to say, we made it in time - even 1/2 hour to spare.  Time to hop in the hot tub, soothe the sore muscles, and enjoy a nice cold beer!

sylviandavid says:
I rode a donkey up one day and thought I was going to get seriously injured... it really is a beautiful place, isn't it?.....
Posted on: Mar 06, 2009
marksreynolds says:
Oh Yeah!!! I walked down, and then back up, two different set of 300+ steps while we were on our honeymoon there! Wife only did it once :)~ The second time I went snorkleing and she stayed at the room and took pictures of me walking down. (See my Santorini 2007 Blog)
Posted on: Mar 06, 2009
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