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We got up early again with our duffel bags of 7 kilos and leaving the rest of our luggage behind. We took a bus out of Cusco and had plenty of pretty views of the valley and then went to a weaving Community in Ccaccaccollo a little village in the mountains. The ladies there demonstrated weavign techniches and also then procededed to fleece (!) us by making us by various different items made from Alpaca wool. After spending lots of money on gifts we proceded to go to some terraces in the sacred valley where our guide explained how the old cities worked and operated and a little walk back down again. From there we went to Pisac where we were acosted by locals trying to sell things again and plenty of markets all sellign the same things.
On the road we stopped at a haceinda restaurant, with a very nice (and expenisve) buffet aimed at tourists. Very nice toliets, shame the water wasn{t working in them. Any way after that we proceded to Ollantaytambo where there were more tourists and more old inca ruins. We stayed in the hotle in the evening, and went for a walk where m e and Lewis found a local bar seellign Chica a beer made of weetcorn. All the others suddently left us and we were there on our own with a load of locals. Needles to say the beer was horrible, even before i found out they spit in it to make it. Afterwards the entire Gap Group went to a restaruant (aimed at foreginers again) called blue puppy, before returning back to the hotel after a failed trip looking for more beer (and fiding stranded travellers), and sharing the shower with a massive scorpion.

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photo by: lrecht