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In the morning we got up farily early and made our way down to the Chengdu Panda breeding cetnre. From there we saw plenty of Giant Panda - big grown ones and lots of little ones playing and fighting - and also lots of Police (a certain issue regardign a provence begnning with T being the one makign them rather twitch. We also saw some a neursey part with all these baby pandas who then had a heart attack when hundreds of Chinese children came in and started screaming and tapping on the glass, and also some red pandas and a complimentary stop at a film they made and a museum. We went back to hotel and me and Ann from the group decided we braved the bus down to the lower part of town to the Woshou temple. Ann wanted to see the "Tibetan" part of town, and as we walked there we were called over by a policeman and trhough a freindly innteregation where him and his mate were trying to practise his English and told us not to go down that street "nothing intresting there" - well who am I to argue with a man with a gun as large as his chest.
We walked inside the temple which was very pretty and along all of the snack street plenty of opportunites for photos. We walked up the road to the large square in town where we took photos (as you would) and two different occasions coppers (armed to the teeth in full armour and shotguns) wnated to check my idea -- do I really look that shifty??! Any way we went and had a look in the pople's park and someone had a chat with us off the street and some saw some pople in the middle of the park dancing to a bit of Boney M. Back on the bus to te htoel - before a taxi down to antoehr posh part of town to see a tea ceremony - whihc got boring rather quickly before off to a bar for St Patrick's Day.
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photo by: spocklogic