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After breakfast our guide Mai met us and we boarded the bus and what took us hours (it did for we were stuck in a traffic jam for at least an hour) on the way out of Ho Chi Min centre and to Cu Chi a suburb, and the journey was made more interesting/unusual when Mai started signing and then was encouraging everyone else to do the same After a stop off at a factory/workshop shop we eventually got to Cu Chi. As we got in we got a video about the Chu Chi guerrillas �" most likely made by the propaganda division- with phrases like the “American devils” and plenty of smiling while running around bunkers and shooting guns I didn't’;t really feel was a balanced documentary, particularly one of the fighters (who happened to be a 9 year old girl) “killed 9 and a half American dogs”, how do you kill half a person, unless it was a very small person… Anyway we were shown one of the tunnels entrances and how they were cleverly disguised and a bit of a demonstration (later on we saw a real one and it was narrower then my foot) and lost of dastardly traps and plenty of models displaying the various workshops and kitchen and equipment used.

there was a shooting rage and some of my self included fired some AK-47 �" the ear defenders needless to say were only there for show �" ear muffs would have done a better job. We eventually got to a demonstration tunnel- made larger for tourist and harden with concrete, nether the less just as horrible �" pitch black incredibly hot and I got out quick when one of the taller guys ahead warned to get out as he was on his stomach and took the sound advice. After we got out we were treated to a tea the Guerrillas would drink and took the bus back.

When we got back I hopped on a bike and zoomed off quickly to the War Remnants museum. Plenty of military hardware from the US army �" nothing there used by the Viet Cong �" in fact there was nothing at all about the NVLA museum �" it was more of a museum about how bad the US army was and how badly they had there backside handed to them and how viciously they attacked civilians.

Now not trying to defend these acts they seemed to make out how lovely and rosy the Communists were and how they didn’t hurt a fly �" but there were no numbers or figures about NVLA loses or defeats or even their operations �" our group leader told me about how there isn't a single memorial to the civilians killed by the NVLA �" over 15,000 were killed in Hue for being on the wrong side of the border. History is a funny thing…

After the museum popped into the Notre Dame again then back to the hotel for dinner.

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