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In the mornign met a few of the stragglers on in the group at breakfast before saying a finally bye bye to them. Then went towards Ko San Road with Dave the tour leader before saying fianlly bye bye to him. After killing a bit of time, got some new movie put on my ipod and heared a bout the "double fillet of fish' at MackyD's I had to try one for myself and woofed it down before going of back to the Intrepid office -from there I was shown the way down to the bycicle shop. Ther I met my very own personal guide and my bike. We charged around for ages occaisonally stooping at verious temples and my guide Kamol was very sweet. We stopped off at various temples and ridges and musesum and some of them we went into, even though techincaly the bike owener said not to, including the Temple of the Dawn which we walked up and he showed me the city from high, Additoanly we detoured at the end via the National Parliment, as I hjadn;t seen it. Got back to the bike shop and Kamol had ereaned himself a tip, vefore I went back to Ko San Road had a cheap dinner before going back to the hotel. ๋็็

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photo by: Deats