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After a not too long fliht most of which was spent sleeping on the plane or drinking red wine with Claire the vet who was on her way to Manchester - collected my bags and cleared imigration I finaly met up with a freind I know called Jiab . She had managed to course her borther to be taxi drive for me - as well as his wife (their new puppy)  Jiab’s friend and her and my bags which ammoutn to a smalle child. Embarrsinly I couldn’t pronounce their names and even more emabarresing have forgotten all the names. We drove for a while, looking for somewher to fix the front right tire - which had been pointed out to me, while we wiated for it to be repaired I had a coca cola which was perversely was poured out of its glass contour bottle and into a plasitic bag with a straw.. hmm any way I drank it quicky before I had a chance to make a mess. After what seemed to take forever ,and a few sites being pointed out), among the manuy sky scrapers not that I could really undersand much of the conversation goign  on in the car, we got to the Grande Ville Hotel. Dropped my bags off then we went for a walk through China Town. Ironcially Jiab had neer been to this part of town. We ate at what appeared to be an “Al Fresco” type “resaurant” essentially plastic table and chairs on the side of the road, and food being cooked out of what resembeles the hot dog people in London you avoide like the plague. Well there were oterh people eating down, and there was a waiter! I had soem sort of juice, which I never worked out what it was, and soem sort of food I asked them to order for me, I think it was seafood with noodles - it was rather chewy, I‘m adamant it was squid, well I hope so, best not to ask util after eating I have learnt in the past. Well at least I didn’t look like a complete westernet, I was able to eat with the chopsticks. After the cumpolsary photos, we got a Tuk Tuk back, basically a milk float with a petrol engine that can keep up with traffic, oh and people hangin out. Got back to the hotel and siad my cheerios before finding WWE wresteling on the telly in the hotel room wathing how large men in tight shorts pretend to hurt each other.
Intresting fact plane registration was HS- TGL   
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photo by: Deats