Along the 3 gorges

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We awoken in the morning by an early morning phone call and off to breakfast again at stupid o’clock. The boat now was chugging along upstream and more noodles and rice for breakfast after which we went on deck to see some of the scenery. The boat docked in and us and some of the other passengers on the boat  we got off and donned lifejackets and went onto a tiny little boat which went along one of the tributaries of the river and plenty of giant rock formations and incredibly steep cliffs and sides. Back onto the boat and further upstream and plenty of views of all the other shipping traffic and relocation villages an then another Chinese buffet meal featuring more greasy fried food and rice and noodles. We eventually got to the last of the 3 gorges ( the one that's on the 10 yuan note) and saw the big gateway. we docked and a couple of us went and saw the rebuilt temple, were we and some other passenger followed a guide (who spoke no English) and got plenty of photographic moments. Then we walked along the new/old promenade to get a boat that looked liked a castle (a bastle hmm) from which it was possible to get to see the temple on the other side and a monkey cage which contained 3 monkeys and about 20 outside the cage. Then on the same side there was a museum full of fossils they found including a big mammoth. Boat back to the otherwise and a bus back to our boat. There we had dinner (and found out that were only on it for one more night thus meaning an extra overnight train grr…) which consisted of the same sort of thing.
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photo by: FK27