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               the number 8 is the chinese luckiest number,  i heard, so that's why the olympics was opened on that particular date 08/08/08.. & so our travel to west  southport maine started on a lucky day;).. the receptionist at the resort where we were booked told my daughter on the phone that it takes 8 hours(not lucky) to get there wahhhhhhhh:((

               my daughter woke us up at 5am (thought it would be 8am lol) coz she wanted to be on the road at 6am to avoid early morning traffic as it was a friday & the weatherman predicted rain too.. the kids didn't want to wake up, said it was too early but my daughter was determined so from bed (with their pjs on & eyes partially open) they piled unto the suv.. i had to choose some clothes & toothbrush for them to bring & dumped them on a bag, wow what a way to start the day!.. i had to have my shot of caffeine but didn't have time to brew it so i got it at the gas station store where we filled up for gas.

               the receptionist at ocean gate resort where we were booked gave my daughter an overall idea of how to get there.. she then tried the navigator & it said it takes 6 hrs. on the route indicated & everyone was happy with the shorter travel time yaayyyyy!! so off we drove, first we pass connecticut then massachusetts then the kids were ready to jump off the car & take a ride any ride back home..  there was whining about why we didn't just take a plane..lolz anyways, we arrived at our destination in a little less than 6 hours & everyone went to bed to  take a nap before going anywhere.. the view at the resort was breathtaking coz the cottages were situated on top of a sort of inlet with boats & kayaks doting the crystal waters & tall tall pine trees everywhere.. i chose to dozed off on a couch outside the terrace instead.

               about  an hour later, we started to look for a place that served lobsters & other seafood by the bay bcoz that was what we drove all that way for & the chance to commune with nature.. there are a lot of nice inns & lodgings all over the boothbay region (where we were) & seafood eats by the bay.. the lobster wharf got the majority of the vote so in we went.. it was exciting to be able to see the live lobsters, choose what you want to buy then have it cooked while you looked on.. the kids wanted to take out instead of eat-in so my daughter ordered 2 lobsters for each of us,  clam chowder,  fresh cooked corn,  some mussels & clams &  then went to  a chinese restaurant to order  steamed rice & deep fried chicked wings ( a family favorite too)..

               i have tasted lobsters cooked in top seafood restos but these maine lobsters gets the gold, in my opinion & which includes the wows of the whole family too.. it melts in your mouth & the taste is just addictively deeellliicciioousoooo!! it was not a bad trip after all lol.. anyway everyone wanted to have 3 lobsters for every dinner till we leave for home.. this is bcoz my daughter said that we will only make a similar trip once a year during summer :(..

               after that hearty lunch, we went for a drive around the area &  found a place where they made pottery, handicrafts, grew blueberries & sold them, lots of antique shops all over, & a place where they made those beautiful artsy decorative items made of bits of colored glass in a kind of mosaic pattern.. then we stopped at several small eats to taste their clam chowder (another family favorite) & the kids voted the lobster wharf's clam chowder(thicker soup) the best while us adults voted for the lobster dock's clam chowder (thinner soup but more clams).. ok so now you know where to get it!

               too tired to go on so we went back to the resort & slept early , right after a light dinner of (watdyatink?) clam chowder of course with some crackers! hehe

               next morning, my daughter woke us up at 8am (thank God) to eat breakfast at the resort open dining, the kids refuse to wake up so i gathered some food to bring back to the cottage for them.. the adults went to the resort dock where guests were free to use the small boats & kayaks to use around the bay.. i opted to stay behind & use the gym where there were a few workout machines like the treadmill & such.. then i decided to walk around the resort to work up a sweat before going back to the cottage to check on the kids.

               when everyone had taken their breakfast & had their morning showers & regimens, we decided to go to the main business district where the shops & restaurants were & walk around.. the shops were tiny & inviting with their souvenirs, trinkets, pottery, gifts, clothing & boothbay tee-shirts with lobsters printed on them on sale.. there was the wharf where one could get a ride on different boats (schooners they call them) for a tour of the bay & surrounding areas.. & then the kids saw the corner ice cream shop where there was a long line of customers waiting to get some ice cream & off they went tp get in line while calling us to join them! my oh my, there were i think more than 20 flavors of ice cream on the board & we wanted to taste them all lolz:)).. i got a scoop of coffee-flavor & my daughter said that i should have chosen the other flavors that were new to me so i ordered another scoop of blueberry cheesecake.. everybody ordered two scoops on large cones that were crunchy & delicious by itself but couldn't finish it.. next we went to the tee-shirt shop to buy some souvenir shirts to bring back home for friends.. we took our lunch at the lobster dock to try their seafood meals & then back to the resort to go swimming & kayaking.. i went for a walk then hit the sack for a nap!

               i slept longer than i should have that's why they decided to go ahead & leave me to my dreams while they all went to buy lobsters & more for our big dinner.. oh yes, i forgot my camera but my daughter got some videos of the trip which i will try to download if i can, here.. bear with me coz i'm tech-dumb & would have to learn how to do it :#..

               we had a wonderful big lobster dinner (3 lobsters each) the kids ate more & all the other sidings as well!! happy tummies for sureB)

               Sunday morning late breakfast coz they served till 10am anyway.. the kids loved the long sleep & the adults except for me went to the pier to kayak early to get ahead of the other guests planning to do the same.. i started to pack our bags after eating an earlier breakfast & did my morning regimen then started to clean up the mess in the cottage.. i wouldn't want the cleaning lady to find it like that! she wouldn't need to do so much after i'm done.. kids were still in bed so i turned on the tv to watch the olympics.

               the kids were eager to go home now coz friends were constantly calling their cellphones to ask when we were arriving from the trip & my granddaughter was invited to attend the birthday party of one of her friends.. well, the ride back home felt like an eternity with the kids whining about how much longer was the trip? they had repeated 2 movies in the car's video screens & were now bored.. thank God for cellphones & friends that kept them busy the rest of the drive back home..

               arrived home by 6pm & the kids couldn't wait for the car to enter the driveway, they ran out of the car as soon as the car stopped for us to open the gate & went up to their rooms.. what a weekend & just to eat some maine lobsters lolz!! i was really tired too so i didn't even unpack but went right to bed.. my bed sure felt good.. there's no place like home!!!
homeres says:
i had maine lobster in Bangor, it was the best!
Posted on: Oct 08, 2008
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