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sorry it's a bit blurred, taken on my mobile at last light! It's Chanonry Point though.
I asked a friend who left his car in my car park if I could use his instead of mine as it was a diesel people carrier and would be cheaper in fuel.  I set off from Wilmslow at around 1.30pm, only had one brief stop and was in Aviemore for around 6.30pm, pretty quick at a steady 80mph.  The trip computer kept freaking me out though; when I set off it said I could go 324 miles without needing to refuel, by the time I'd done about 100 miles it was actually saying I could do 332, then it suddenly dropped down to 241 and then slowly crept up to 305 miles.  I actually made it all the way without having to refuel, but was a bit disconcerting to say the least and I had a few more worrying moments with it later on in the week too!

I couldn't resist stopping off in Aviemore as the last time I was there was the millenium New Year's Eve.
My tent with a view!
  The town is struggling a bit due to the lack of snow now making the ski season a little hit and miss.  I was pleased to see that although a few of the shops had closed down, they all seem to have been replaced with new ones.  There are still plenty of good quality outdoor shops, though luckily for me they were closed when I got there, I hate shopping except for outdoor shops!  The petrol station at the entrance to the town has closed down though, so good job I didn't need any fuel right now.

I wanted to get to the campsite at Chanonry Point before it got dark, so I only stayed long enough to enjoy a latte in Mambos.  I didn't need to worry though because I'd forgotten that even just a few hours North it goes dark significantly later than back home.  I got there around 8.00pm, the car park at The Point was quite busy and a few people were already there, I went to take a little peek but the dolphins weren't being that cooperative, they were off somewhere in deep water having a cetacean rave or whatever they do when they're not getting 'oohs and aahs' from the visitors!

I went back to the campsite and set-up my tent, I got a few strange looks when I blew up my thermarest mat and tested out the ground by lying on it in different positions.  A couple walking their dog took an extra wide berth of me, talking in hushed whispers as they went past, lucky for the dog though, he got an extra 5 minute walk out of it!

I took a drive into town to grab a bite to eat only to find that everywhere except the local shop was closed, even the chippy!  Bought a litre of OJ and a prepared salad and headed back to the campsite.  It was still light so I took another walk down the side of the golf course to the Point´, but the dolphins were still in the hide phase of 'hide and seek', so retired to my palatial tent for the night.

I had a pretty decent nights sleep, so after a shower and 'breaking camp' headed into town to see if anywhere actually opened for food during the day.  I found a nice little restaurant that serves light snacks and breakfast during the day.  i found the eggs and bacon smothered in maple syrup intriguing, but in the end decided my stomach wasn't as adventurous as me, so opted for the full 'Scottish' breakfast, which was cholesterol on a plate I'm sure, but tasted pretty good all the same.

I then got my foldable seat, stuffed some things in a pack along with a book and set off down to the Point again to sit out the dolphins, I had plenty of time and patience, I'd outwait them, no problem!  The dolphins had their own plan though, they were going to spoil my reading as they were already there performing for all the specatators who had come to see their impromptu show!  They were jumping around and strutting their stuff for the cameras, really working it baby.  Guess who's mobile phone, which I'd decided to use instead of a proper camera had a flat battery, so no pics of tricky cetaceans on this blog, yeah yeah I know, don't say another word!

So I watched the show for an hour or so, and then it started getting a bit chillier, so I decided to pack up and head across to the west coast and the Isle of Skye.  Refueled at last on the way and took the road which bisects the country at this point and was in the Kyle of Lochalsch by teatime.

Real_PeaceWarrior says:
ummm sorry read the bit about me and my stupid mobile phone which was acting as my camera. I've just boght a DSLR for future trips though along with this new laptop with which I'm chatting to you from my local Cafe Nero ........... how cool is that?
Posted on: Aug 20, 2008
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sorry its a bit blurred, taken on…
sorry it's a bit blurred, taken o…
My tent with a view!
My tent with a view!
photo by: Real_PeaceWarrior