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Having a beer the first evening.

If you take a map Bratislava might seem on the first look like a random city full of random people which belong to a random nation (many people still confuse us with Slovenians) in a random part of Europe. Randomly said the tourists or backpackers usually just stop here on the way either to Prague, Vienna or Budapest. Or they get here by some random mistake, hahaha. Don’t tell me you haven’t seen the movie “Eurotrip”.

Random enough? The only time when Slovaks are not considered random is when they travel outside of Europe. Then they change from “random” to “exotic”, sort of an upgrade I guess. Why exotic? Because nobody knows where that strange Slovakia is…maybe it’s just a myth.

Lori being curious about what she ordered.
An unknown, probably random myth. It’s so mystical that nobody knows about it. I met once a Mexican who thought Slovakia is part of the US….yeah amigo, just next to Puerto Rico. But let’s get back to this random blog.    

However random Bratislava might seem, more and more travelbuddies decided to get a taste of some randomness while they were travelling around Eastern Europe this summer.


One of them was Lori from Canada (lovely_lori88).

Me and Lori.
We both share a couple of common friends here on travelbuddy ( I mean travelbuddies we met in real) and we’ve almost met during the May meetup in Antwerp. Unfortunatly I had to leave before she arrived, but that how life goes sometimes.

I offered to pick her up at the train station if she will arrive in the evening or during the weekend as I had to work. But being a passionate independent traveller myself I know how these things usually go. Her train from Budapest arrived Tuesday around noon. And I was a bit busy that day as well so I wasn’t able to meet her before 8pm. Still better then nothing, she was staying for 2 nights anyway.

We met in front of her hostel, it has a really convenient location in Bratislava’s center…next to a Tesco store. Self catering backpackers can buy cheap food there they prepare in the hostel kitchen afterwards, that’s what Lori did as well.

Travelbuddy Dan telling me something, Lori's random picture with my camera.

I took her for a walk around the old town, she admitted that she hasn’t seen from Bratislava anything else then the train station and Tesco so far…the new touristic attractions? I hope not, hahaha. Lori read some information about Bratislava in advance and she seemed to be interested especially on the funny statues you can find around the center. I admit that I really like them as well, they give the center a less…hmmm…random touch? Hahaha.

It was Tuesday evening, means a working day, but the streets were still full of people hanging around, sitting in front of Cafés or pubs and enjoying the nice weather. There were lots of tourists too that got to Bratislava by mistake probably. That made it little bit difficult to find a free table in front of one of the pubs I usually go to as we had to find out when we got a bit tired.

The lord of the darkness or what? What happened with the flash Lori? Karri from Finland.
Anyway, we managed suddenly to find a place and ordered two beers. To be honest, I just received the yellow fewer vaccination Wednesday the week before and the doctor told me not to drink alcohol for 2 weeks, but…6 days isn’t too bad either, right? It’s almost a week. And my body really asked for a cool beer after that long day. Don’t the doctors say “listen to your body, it knows the best what it needs”? So I did listen. And I didn’t plan to drink much anyway.


Lori and I had some funny chatting, non of us would be ever accepted in one of these religious groups following a vow of silence, that’s for sure, hehe.

It was almost midnight when I brought Lori back to her hostel and took the night bus home. Oh, I should mention a little story that happened on the way to the hostel. On the way we were stopped by a group of young foreigners asking us for a lighter in English.

Lori's selfportrait. :-)
They were a bit drunk and were obviously French according to their accent. As me and Lori are non smokers we didn’t have any lighter logically, so I just said that we don’t smoke. This logic didn’t arrive in the head of the young guy in front of me and he repeated his question. What should I’ve had said, I told him for fun that carrying a lighter while not being a smoker might be the rule in France but not in Slovakia. Hereby I apologize to any French TB who might feel offended, I have some good French friends myself, I didn’t really mean what I said, hahaha. The guys looked at me with their glassy drunken eyes, “why do you think we’re French?” (imagine saying it with French accent, haha). Aeeehh, heeeello? Sorry, but the French accent is so typical that it’s pretty easy to recognize. And the guys suddenly admitted that they were French, hahaha. They were just looking for some place to get some more drinks. 


Next day I met with Lori at 6pm, I hoped to be able to leave from work earlier, but thanks to my boss I didn’t manage. I planned to show her the “Blue church” which looks a bit like a monument from a Disney movie thanks to its baby blue colour. This church is bit outside of the area usually visited by tourists. One the way we passed through a square with a photo exposition of the days of the “Praguer Spring” in 1968 when Czechoslovakia tried to reform the communism to make it more free and as a “reward” got occupied by Soviet tanks and soldiers. Shit happens.

During our walk we crossed the Old Bridge (it’s not thaaat old, we just call it that way), the park “Sad Janka Krala” on the other side of the Danube river and got back to the old center crossing the so called “UFO Bridge”.


It was time to get some dinner, I opted for Slovak Pub, a place popular among young people in Bratislava due to moderate prices and a good offer on beers and Slovak dishes. I called from office my Swedish friend Dan ( engertdan), another travelbuddy if he will join us. I contacted as well Karri from Finland who’s also living in Bratislava at the moment. All together we had a great evening babbling, laughing and drinking, I had really a lot of fun. We left around midnight, Lori needed to get up damn early to catch her train to Vienna and us 3 had to go to work the following day. Hope she didn’t oversleep, haha.

It was really great hanging around with Lori and honestly, it’s fun being active on travelbuddy online, but it’s even a touch better meeting the travelbuddies in real. Consider this as my final random comment.       

skydiver says:
Not everybody is a paparazi maniac like you Steph, hahaha.
Posted on: Aug 10, 2008
darlingwish says:
no more pictures? u shouldve taken more martinsama!!!! or hire me as ur photographer! :P
Posted on: Aug 09, 2008
dahling says:
Sehr schön.
Posted on: Aug 07, 2008
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Having a beer the first evening.
Having a beer the first evening.
Lori being curious about what she …
Lori being curious about what she…
Me and Lori.
Me and Lori.
Travelbuddy Dan telling me somethi…
Travelbuddy Dan telling me someth…
The lord of the darkness or what? …
The lord of the darkness or what?…
Loris selfportrait. :-)
Lori's selfportrait. :-)
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photo by: Vagabondatheart