Winter farm-sitting day 9: DIY

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We didn't do anything special (other than the usual things) today really, other than make some beef jerky. I cut some meat into thin slices and made a marinade out of worcester sauce, soy sauce, pepper, garlic, salt and some other stuff. We left the meat to sit in the marinade for about four hours, then put it in the dehydrator for another four hours or so. Et voila! Homemade beef jerky.

Two days ago, we spotted a ewe who had been lying down for an unusually long time. We push and pulled and tried as hard as we could to get her to stand up and walk, but it was like trying to make a piece of jelly stand tall. She wasn't trying at all. In the end, we put a double trailer on the back of the four-wheel bike and we pulled her into the smaller second trailer. I sat in the back with her as Ali drove home. We opened one of the stalls near the chook house and pulled her in. We put food and water infront of her, but she didn't seem to want either. She was massive, she had at least two lambs in her. We left her there for the night.

The next morning (yesterday) we found that she had tried to make her way out of the stall (we left the door open, and set up a make-shift fence around the outside, to encourage her to get up. Later in the day, we noticed a head and a hoof sticking out of her bum. Ali pulled and out plopped a lamb covered in yellow goo. The lamb was dead. Later that day Ali went back to check on her. When I got there, I there was a second lamb on the floor, also dead. Things weren't looking good for the ewe. This morning when we checked on her, we found that she had died too.

We went out spotlighting again, but today we mainly wanted to put out more fox bait. The two we'd put out the previous night hadn't been taken.

We saw a fox when we were horse riding today. Obviously there was nothing we could do about it while we were riding. I had a good few jumps on Dobson, and we called it a day.

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photo by: Chelsea