Winter farm-sitting day 8: a fox!

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Today we had one major job to do, and everybody knows that it is my favourite job on the farm: feeding and moving the ewes.

The trailer had to be attached to the four-wheel motorbike, and then I backed the trailer into the gap next to the truck with the grain we had bought from the Kings earlier this week. Some bi-carb soda had to be added to the wheat to stop the sheep from getting indigestion. I drove down with the four-wheel bike while Ali drove down seperately with the two-wheel bike, opening and shutting all the necessary gates to lead the ewes into the paddock we wanted them to be in. Being the idiots they are, the sheep always follow the four-wheel motorbike, and so all I had to do was drive slowly from the paddock the sheep were in, to the new paddock. They followed me perfectly into the new paddock until Yambo (the puppy) started barking and scaring them off.

Just as we were heading off from feeding the sheep, something jumped out of a pile of branches in front of me. It was red, with a bushy black tail, and large pointy ears. It was something we didn't want to see: a fox.

That night before dinner we took the trailer off the four-wheel bike and got the spotlight out. I put on almost every item of clothing I had brought with me and drove around the farm while Ali swept the spotlight along the treelines. In the end, we saw a fox which quickly disappeared, and ended up going after a rabbit instead. The rabbits are a nuisance because they eat the grass and young trees, so it's best their numbers are kept low. After getting the rabbit, we put out some fox baits and called it a night.

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photo by: Chelsea