Winter farm-sitting day 2: old-school truck

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Something I love about farms is the amount of junk that can accumulate on one. Behind the old fish shed, there are piles of scrap metal waiting to be used. Behind the hayshed there is a similar pile of junk, and next to the silo there is a shed full of scrap wood. One such piece of 'junk' on the farm is an old truck that lives in the hayshed. I never even knew the thing could move, but today, we took it out for a spin. The ewes were out of feed, so we paid a visit to the neighbours to buy some wheat.

I don't know how Simon could see out of the truck, the entire windscreen was covered in dust; even the rain didn't do much to clean the glass. The mirrors were covered in dust and cobwebs, and when I opened the passenger door, I half expected a giant arachnid to fall into my arms. I climbed in, and then we were off. And the whole town knew about it. The 'lorry' is possibly the noisiest vehicle on the farm!

It's always cool to visit Pam's, because I get to see a different farm. Something that always makes my eyes light up are Pam's chooks. Pam keeps chooks of all different shapes and sizes on her farm. When we visited this time, there are maybe twenty or thirty of them with free rein over the farm. There were normal chooks, cocks, chooks with funny fan-like tails, Turkies, and other elaborate chicken-like birds. I even spotted a Guinea Fowl - spotted, chicken-like birds you see heaps of in Africa - trying to be inconspicuous (without much success).

I can't remember what we did for the rest of this day. We fed the fish, let the chooks out, and fed the horse. We also seperated some of the ewes that had lambed from the main mob. We also walked to one of the farther paddocks to get Yarraman the horse and bring him to a closer paddock so we could ride him and his mate Dobson this week. It was pouring with rain, and I had to change my jeans and hang the drenched ones up by the fire. Then, we retired to the house and went through our list of things to do for the week. Ali's parents would leave for their holiday the next morning.

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photo by: Chelsea