How an Egyptian Can Get A Sun Stroke in Berlin

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Okay, first you set off to go to the Bauhaus Archive without taking a bottle of water with you on the one day its 35 degrees. When you're done with that at around 4:00 pm -because its so awesome- you head out to the Egyptian Museum in Berlin -because you're curious to see what pieces they have that your own local museum doesn't have- which is about a 30 minute bike ride from the Bauhaus Archive depending on how much you're distracted by the sites in between, which you stop and take pictures of. When you finally reach the Egyptian museum, spend a good 15 minutes in the little park in front of it, admiring the fountain and the man playing live music and all the people sprawled all over the park, reading books, tanning, or doing cartwheels, and then spend a good 3 hours inside the Egyptian Museum -because its so awesome- without a single sip of water, and when you're dawn, lay in the park with the rest of the people and sketch a bit... in the sun... without a single sip of water.

And finally, because your friend's office is so nearby and you're the nosy Egyptian that you are, stop by... even if the temperature inside their office is easily 20 degrees higher than outside. And stay for hours. And fall asleep. *shrug*

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photo by: CFD