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Amazing La Seu Cathedral, one of the world's largest Catholic cathedrals ... i saw photos so  many time on postcards and TV and imagining how look like "alive" ... and this was the chance for that :o)
We arrived to Palma by ferry early in the morning  while Sun still rise up, and scene of Palma  who "wake up"  was  like  dream, specially when i saw La Seu,  "La Reina Grande" , standing  as rulls  over  the  whole town of Palma, magnificant in her  dignity ...   This beautiful neogothic building takes your breath and I didn't know is "she" more beautiful under the brightly sunny day or under the sparkling stars and moonlight .

A searched more about  the cathedrale and found a legend of  how is build  : the legend has it that one night in 1229. as Jaime I (king James I of Aragon) was on his way with his troops in order to recapture the island from Almohads (the Almohad Dynasty was a Berber,Muslim dinasty in 12th century and conqured all North Africa as far as Libya, and AL-Andalus - Iberian pelinsula). His fleet ran into a terrible storm and he vowed to the Virgin Mary that if he survived the storm , he would erect a church in her honor. And so, he laid the foundation stone in 1229. and it was a vowe that was to take a long time to fulfill 'cause the cathedral was finished in 1601.
The cathedral was built on the site of an existing Arab mosque! made from gold limestone, in the French Gothic style and is 121m long and 55m wide.
The imposing Bell Tower houses 9 bells and the most famous is "N'Eloi" with 2m in diameter and weight of 5700kg - but the bell tower is still unfinished today. The main facade colapsed during the earthquake in 1851. and was completely reconstructed,with the exception of teh reneissance -era door which under some miracle emerged unscathed. And also  the great  Antoni Gaudi worked on the La Sea between 1904 and 1904. - his largest contribution  is the giant hanging wrought-iron canopy supposed to symbolize the Crown of Thorns (Gaudi abandoned his work in 1914 after an argument with the contractor). Gaudi also introduced electric lighting to the Cathedral , which was quite a novelty in the early 1900's.

La Sea still takes a breath  when you look upon  ...  hope this photos will close to you  even a  half of beauty  when you see  this alive.
kristinasub says:
Thank you :o) I try to get some informations if i can , i know how we arranged all by ourself , whole trip , and we searched over internet for all :o)
Posted on: Aug 16, 2008
cneoridium says:
I may need to visit Spain now... I like your writing, it tell s the story of the trip but has a lot of useful information for people trying to find out about Spain if they're planning to visit...
Posted on: Aug 16, 2008
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