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Don Kijot (Quixote) de La Mancha had his windmills and looked upon them and saw giants ... yes, Miguel de Cervantes immortalized him and windmills in his epic novel ...
Late in the afternoon that day i decided to go to the center of Palma and find "my windmills" and see what will gonna happen  with me ... I was curious from the first day when we steped on Palma to find them , i "ride my bus" to the centre and started to search for them. Through the streets i passed park , came on the bay and started to look upon ... and just in one "shiney moment" (i was blind of the Sun in second) i looked upon and  through the palm trees  i  saw them !  Oh, maybe i sound crazy , but in that moment i was happy as little child  when  find  his treasure and only him knows why it's so important  :o)   i was so excited that i run upstairs , jumped  from  stairs to stairs  until i reached plato where they were.
And so, they proudly stayed there, even one was without her "wings" - her canvas were breaked, her roof pretty ruined - but she was "proud old lady" who still looks from above on all of us :o) and for me in that moment she looked gorgeous. And than i saw another one, and another one , and another ... this little "sisterhood" looked at me and my camera probably thinking " OK girls, by her look it's obviously that Don Kijot is not dead" ... and i have to admit that i was as under some magic looking to them ... they wasn't just some windmills used for grain , salt or for
water pumping ... for me those  gorgeous ladies were witnesses  of  one  passed time , time when people lived some different lives, lived more with nature .
.. they are great vanishing treasure of old times ... And i had to try to catch this "shadows of the past" and i started to photograph ... and i couldn't stop ... they smilled at me, spreding their breaked canvals, glittering on the Sun as in the best time of their life, and i was happy , so happy they alouded me to be seen  on this way. I hope through  this photos you 'll maybe feel and see  a moment of that. And if you did, i will be happy more, 'cause maybe i'm not the only one Don Kijot on this world :o)
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