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Casa Mila, best known as La Pedrera, one of Gaudi's buildings made for eternity and one of the most complete example of Gaudi’s concept of Nature. This was just one of the reasons not to miss this in Barsa. Under the sunshine facade looked like flowing through the space, the most because of the line like a wave which follow the movement of the whole building. In the yard the same feeling, soft lines without sharp corners, and I entered with curiosity what’s the next. Flat which is aloud for visit was also nice and reflected scene of some old times, the way of living from the beginning of 20th century (build of La Pedrera  started in 1905. and finished 1910.). But for sure I wasn’t prepared for the roof. I saw photos of my friends when they were in Barsa and how unique is the roof, read in the books … but meeting “face to face” was something quite different for me.

In first I was amazed by sculptures on the roof and couldn’t stop to make a photos, but as time passed by I started to feel some strange energy from all around. Maybe I sound like a freak to you, but I couldn’t make distance from this stone creatures  “born” from Gaudi’s mind and imagination (I have to admit in one moment I thought he was in some schizophrenic phase when constructed this building), so little by little I lose my breath, as this statues “from other space” takes my energy. Strange feeling, isn’t it? and hard to explain , just this roof was as live organism for me with some strange energy, and even is amazing, after 1 hour wandering around the roof I run away.

So, La Pedrera is absolutely unique, as in architectural way, also with that special energy spreading around, and be sure you can’t be “stone” among all those creatures, maybe not on the  way as it influenced  on me :o)  … but you will tell me your story when you get there :o)

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photo by: fivepointpalm