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Me, Lena, Andrea & Alex

03 Aug 2008


This mini TB meet up happened rather suddenly, or maybe it didn’t. Andrea (missandrea81) and I have been chatting on TravBuddy, just as I chat with most of my friends here. I comment on her blogs, reviews and pictures regularly, we smiled and chatted back and forth and found we have many things in common, or should I say my wife Lena (bwitch16) and her have many things in common. I also saw she lived in Alexandria, Virginia, which is close to us, only a 45 to 60 minute drive.

I’m not sure which one of us mentioned it first, but I remember telling her a while back if she ever was in the Annapolis area, to let us know, we would love to get together some time.

Andrea and me
Now that I checked my comment history, a week before we met up, I saw that Lena and she were friends and said the four of us should try and get together sometime. I told her we could come to Alexandria, or they could come here to Annapolis, what ever was good for them. The following Saturday night, she messaged me and asked when we were free to get together and her husband was actually looking forward to meeting us.  I told her if it wasn’t tomorrow, we would have to set something up when we returned from our trip to Sweden. The next morning, I was on line early (as usual) and sent her a message about meeting today. Once she was on line, we decided to meet up in Virginia and go out for sushi.
Lena with her birthday cake.
We would meet them at their place, then go out to eat and then play the rest of the evening by ear. We exchange phone numbers and address, and my first TB meet up was set!

The drive to their place only took 45 minutes, even with the traffic jam up at the Woodrow Wilson Bridge, which takes you over the Potomac River into Virginia from Maryland. We found the street their apartment building was on, but the building number wasn’t visible, so I called her and we were actually right a cross the street. Once we parked and went inside the building, she came down and met us. I knew who she was right away as she smiled and walked up to greet us with a hug!

Now I have to admit, I was a bit nervous about this meet up.

All the sushi we ordered. Lena and my plate is the small one farthest away. But, the four of us did eat all of this :)
Sure we chatted on line and seemed to have things in common, but I have never met up with some one that I chatted with on line before. This was my first! I mean, you just never know what the person you talk to on line is really like. I’m sure Lena was nervous too, but she never said anything about it. She just went along because she knew I really wanted to do this. They seemed like nice people, and she had such a nice smile too!!

So, we go up to their apartment and waited for her husband Alex to get ready. He had a rough night before and I think his head was still a bit tired! While we were waiting for Alex, Andrea go’s to the refrigerator and brings out a piece of chocolate cake she had bought for Lena’s birthday, which was the day before! How unexpected was this! Andrea is such a sweet thoughtful person to think of buying a birthday cake for Lena!

After Alex came out and we got a proper introduction, we all got in their car and drove to a little sushi place called the Akasaka Japanese Restaurant (see review by missandrea81). This is one of their favorite places to go for sushi. It’s a small place, but it wasn’t packed and we were greeted and seated right away. The girls ordered tea, while Alex and I both ordered some Japanese beer…the big ones!! Lena and I started our order form, while Alex started on Andrea’s and his order form for sushi. I noticed he was ordering a lot of stuff, but I didn’t say anything. I just thought he was hungry. After placing our separate orders, we talked and got to know each other better. All my fears were now past and we were having a great time!! Andrea is so nice and a pleasure to talk with, and her husband is a riot! Lena and she did most of the talking, but Alex and I chimed in on occasion. We were having a good time and we found out we have even more in common than we thought we did. This was turning out to be a great evening!!

When all our food came, I couldn’t believe how much Alex had ordered. I hope he didn’t ordering for all four of us! There was so much sushi there; I thought there was no way it would all get eaten. Alex and I both ordered another beer, Lena and I worked on the sushi we ordered, and of course we were offered to help eat some of the sushi Alex ordered. It was all very delicious, and we did eat all of it, but I’m not sure how!!

Once we had finished, we went back to their place for coffee and just sat and talked. The conversation was fun and we had a lot of laughs!! Andrea and Alex are a very cool, easy going couple and we hope to spend more time with them again soon, before they move from the area. Of course, when they do move, this will just give us another reason to travel, so we can visit with them, where ever they are!

Koralifix says:
What a nice story!
Posted on: Jun 27, 2009
alyssa_ob says:
Its always nice when the friends you meet online turn out to be true friends in real life! I had the pleasure of making several new friends through our Minneapolis TB meetup recently.
Posted on: Aug 19, 2008
acowboy says:
a great blog my friend... glad that you guys had the chance to meet!
Posted on: Aug 13, 2008
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Me, Lena, Andrea & Alex
Me, Lena, Andrea & Alex
Andrea and me
Andrea and me
Lena with her birthday cake.
Lena with her birthday cake.
All the sushi we ordered. Lena and…
All the sushi we ordered. Lena an…
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photo by: missandrea81