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The bar exam is already a week old.  Right after the bar two Wednesdays ago, I drove from NYC to Southampton, Long Island to be with my family for a couple days.  It was useful de-stressing out time following two intense days in the Jacob Javits Center.


Shabbos: Riverdale.  Never been there before.  I had a nice Shabbos, but I think Riverdale generally was hyped up too much.  Riverdale, you're going to have to try harder to make me a fan.


On Sunday I had a great song-filled car trip back to Boston, and then started a week of packing up, planning this vacation, and enjoying some last parties and get-togethers with all my friends from Boston (shoutout: all you friends from Boston!).  With all my stuff in boxes I could swear my room never looked so organized (and said friends from Boston can back me up on this).


On Thursday, Aug. 7, I finally said goodbye to Brookline.  I threw a bunch of suitcases into my car and left the boxes for the movers, and unloaded my things once I arrived in Washington Heights.  You know, my mom has been driving me crazy about this trip for two months now (shoutout: Mommy), how it's not safe and there are tsunamis and bad people out there, etc., etc., and the irony is: I JUST MOVED INTO WASHINGTON HEIGHTS.  People are saying tefilas haderech on the way to Golan Heights Shwarma.  The way I see it, a civil war-torn region where nobody speaks English is just a warm-up for my new home in the Big Apple.  (Just kidding, Ma.  There's no civil war here this year, to the best of my knowledge, and the area of Washington Heights that is more and more frequently being referred to as "Hudson Heights" is a great and safe place to live.)


Shabbos: Linden, New Jersey.  I knew I’d seen a sign for it on the Turnpike, but that was the extent of my knowledge of this nice little Jewish community next to Elizabeth.  Titchadesh, Sender and Atara on your new home!  You seem to have a warm and welcoming community, a cool rabbi, and a great nearby tattoo parlor.  I will visit often.


Sunday: Tisha B'av.  Not my favorite day of the year, but meaningful, and it went well for me this time around.


Monday morning, bright and early.  Took the train to JFK (really not a bad trip, I was surprised), and the fun begins.

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