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Wide Pedestrian Crossings

Sometimes it is the little things that have grabbed my attention, things like pedestrian crossings.  When I passed through Seoul the pedestrian crossings had a dividing line down the middle and an arrow indicating which side you should walk on.  In Spain I have seen pedestrian crossings 70-100 metres wide in the plazas.  The pedestrian crossings in most cities have a second counter showing how long you have left to cross the street.  But I will never understand the sign and the traffic lights.  I have been here just on 11 weeks and I have looked at the lights and tried to figure out which ones they use and what they mean but it is a complete mystery to me.  The other week in class we had an exercise with street and traffic signs.  I got most of them wrong.  Luckily I am not driving here.


Things I have learnt about walking down the street.  It is better to walk on the right hand side in general because I think that is the side of the road they drive on.  When I used to walk down the road and I need to get past someone walking the other way I would move to the left and walk in to them It has taken a while but I move to the right and walk the footpath much better.

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Wide Pedestrian Crossings
Wide Pedestrian Crossings
photo by: mkrh